Saturday, April 6, 2013

Body Combat

Happy Saturday! So far, mine has started off on a GREAT note! But before we get to the great part of it, let's start with breakfast, which was also great, but it's not the focus of this post.

My breakfast looked identical to yesterday's breakfast of scrambled egg whites, spinach, and salsa, and again, it was delicious. I love sneaking veggies into my morning meals!


Now, onto the exciting part. My gym here in Austin advertised about a brand new class being offered this morning, so I jumped on the chance to sign up and try it out. I have talked about taking Body Pump classes before, which is part of the Les Mills series. Body Pump is a hour-long class that focuses on low weights and high repetitions to burn both fat and calories. It really gets your heart pumping! That is the only Les Mills class I have ever taken, and I really like it, so when I saw that this class was another of the Les Mills series, I couldn't resist seeing what this one was all about.

This particular class was called Body Combat, which is high intensity, martial arts-inspired cardio. It involves doing different combinations, which I knew was going to be a challenge for me, as I took one ballet class when I was three years old and evidently hated it. That might contribute to the fact that I am neither particularly flexible nor graceful. Anyway, I absolutely loved this class. My heart rate was sky high from the warm-up, and though I struggled a bit with a few of the combinations, I eventually caught on and got pretty into them. If anyone thinks about messing with me, they better think twice! Kidding, but we did a lot of punches and jabs and roundhouse kicks and side kicks - basically, a total-body workout. We also never stopped moving, and we did moves that I am pretty familiar with - shuffling and high knees. I can thank my volleyball background for that one! The instructor was great - she was encouraging, motivating, and pushed us to work hard even though we were tired. The time absolutely flew, and my hamstrings are already sore, so I can only imagine how they are going to feel tomorrow. I hope to make this a regular part of my workout routine - you truly work every inch of your body, and it is something so different from what I am used to doing.

Enjoy your Saturday! I am hoping to get some homework done early, so that I can enjoy some of what is shaping up to be a beautiful day!


  1. I've seen that class on our gym schedule, but I've never tried it. Sounds fun, maybe I'll have to give it a shot!

    1. You definitely should! I had a lot of fun with it, though I will admit that it took me a few tries to catch on to some of the combinations! But each class burns around 700 calories, and it's definitely a total-body workout!