Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goodbye, Berripop

Let me preface this post with the statement that I do not actually consider what I am about to write a tragedy. I realize that if this is what makes for a "terrible Thursday," then my life is pretty darn great. And it is. I will not deny that. But just let me show a little bit of sass, because this news really got to me.

It is a sad, sad day for this fro-yo loving girl. Right before the start of my 11:00 class, I received a Facebook notification on my phone from my favorite former coach. It read: "I JUST HEARD FROM A STUDENT THAT BERRIPOP IS CLOSING THIS SUNDAY!!!! Life as we know it is over." I actually let out a little yelp of dismay, because if you are at all familiar with this blog, you know that Berripop Frozen Yogurt is my all-time favorite frozen yogurt establishment. It is what started my frozen yogurt obsession, and more than that, it is where memories were made. Sorry if I get a bit sentimental, but seriously, this was my go-to place for meeting and catching up with people. Chances are, you and I have been to Berripop together. One of my very good friends took me to Berripop for the first time after the first volleyball game of my senior season. Three of my best friends and teammates and I cried over the loss of our final volleyball game together. A friend brought me Berripop to cheer me up after he learned that my grandfather passed away. I introduced many of my high school friends, college friends, and former teachers and coaches to this place, and their frozen yogurt is honestly the best I've tasted.

Sure, I like Orange Leaf. I like Red Mango. Swirll is okay. And I am really starting to love PinkBerry (probably because it reminds me of Berripop). But first of all, Berripop was the most conveniently located, and they knew me at that place. I was quite the loyal customer. I am not sure if all of the Berripop locations are closing, or if it is just the one near my house, but no Berripop compares to my Berripop.

Emily and I at Berripop beforea volleyball game
It is being replaced with a crepe restaurant, toward which I already feel some resent. The funny thing is, Berripop replaced TCBY, so I was very hesitant to try the place that closed the last remaining TCBY in our area, too. While I am sure the crepe restaurant will be very successful, I can't even eat crepes most of the time, due to the dairy that is found in them.

So, imagine my state of mind when I learned of this news. Needless to say, I did not pay much attention in my 11:00 class. Berripop, thanks for four great years of frozen yogurt and memories. May I always be remembered as your most loyal customer.


Now, onto what most of you probably came to this see - a workout! I complained this morning about the fact that it still so chilly outside, but it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful sunny day. The temperature is currently in the 60's, and it made for the perfect running weather. I got out of my 12:30 class early (which NEVER happens), so I changed into shorts and drove over to Mueller Park for a 4.2 mile run. 

I don't know what was in me today, but I was hauling booty today, as my average min/mile was 8:11. That's pretty fast for me, but then again, this is my absolutely favorite running weather, so that might have had something to do with it.

Overall, my run felt great, and I feel much more prepared for the Blue Bell Fun Run (well, I'm at least confident that I will finish it without walking), than I did this past weekend. Here's to weather that is similar to today's!

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  1. Oh man, I had a favorite Thai place in Boulder when I was in grad school. I lived in Denver about 45 minutes away and we would literally drive there and stock up on like 4 of my favorite meal and freeze them, ha. I loved it THAT MUCH!! I got a text one day from a friend saying they went there and it was CLOSED FOR GOOD. Worst part? I had thought about going there the weekend before and just figured I would do it next weekend, instead.

    I was distraught. I had even been saving up my frequent buyer cards for some free ones!! I half thought about tracking down the owner for his recipe.

    I still get cravings to this day.