Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Discounts

If you play your cards right, you won't have to pay for anything on your birthday. There are so many birthday freebies offered out there that it’s impossible to take advantage of all of them. And while there is a very public list of birthday freebies circulating the Internet, I’m here to share with you some of the lesser-known birthday deals. Granted, none of these are completely free, but they certainly make a difference.

This one might be my very favorite. You all know that I am Anthro obsessed, and it’s all too easy to drop a couple hundred dollars in there. That being said, Anthropologie does reward cardholders (and becoming a cardholder is 100% free) with tag sales and 15% off your entire purchase any day in your birthday month. So, if you are going to shop at all during your birthday month, and hopefully you are, buy a couple of extra items to make that discount even larger!

I love Ulta, and I am spoiled to have one right by my house. And again, I am sure that it comes as no surprise that I have an Ulta rewards card. Hey, when they’re free, why not, right? Anyway, Ulta is really good about giving its rewards cardholders discounts and deals, but during the month of your birthday, you get two times the bonus points on everything that you buy during your birthday month. Those points add up quick, and they quickly turn into what feels like free money. So, for someone who buys her shampoo and hair products and powder and nail polish from Ulta on a regular basis, it’s a great incentive to receive.

With a blog name like fitnessandFROYO, you can’t be surprised that I have a couple of frozen yogurt frequent buyer cards. It’s like my version of a Starbucks Gold Card, okay? Anyway, those with a Pinkcard are eligible to receive a small frozen yogurt with toppings any day during their birthday month (actually, it’s within 30 days of receiving the birthday email, which makes it fair for all of us February babies).

Kendra Scott
This one is probably my second favorite. I am no exception to the Kendra Scott obsession, and the fact that one recently opened in City Centre is both a blessing and a curse. Kendra Scott is known for being both bright and bold, but without being too flashy, and it is very easy to become addicted. And for those who are registered with an active email account can take 50% off any Kendra Scott item during your birthday month. Perfect.

Half Price Books
One of the really great things about being a teacher is that I don’t have to lose those wonderful student discounts. Not that I can’t still pass as a student, but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to lie to get the discount. And not only do I get a teacher discount, but you also receive a "birthday surprise," which I would imagine to be a discount coupon of some kind. Not too bad for a place that sells books at an already reduced price! While I do have (and love) a Kindle, sometimes a physical book and a warm blanket are all you need on a cold day.

I wish I could pretend that I am an always adventurous, always outside kind of girl. While that isn't necessarily true, I have always preferred Columbia to Patagonia. For whatever reason, Columbia fits me much better, and the prices are slightly better, too. And you can find Columbia in sports stores, whereas the same can't always be said for Patagonia. Anyway, I do have a couple of Columbia fleece jackets, and you guys know I'm into the vests these days, so a 20% off coupon throughout the month of your birthday (especially when you have a winter birthday) for all members of the Columbia Greater Rewards Club.

A Columbia jacket pre-70.3
And for those of you who like Starbucks, you will be happy to know that you can take advantage of a free drink on your birthday. That paired with a free Einstein's bagel isn't a bad way to start out your birthday morning! And I have just two more days of feelin' 22. I was only 22 for a moment, and evidently nobody likes you when you're 23. 

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