Sunday, February 22, 2015

New New New

And I am back, with some B I G news! Fitness & Fro-yo has undergone a total design change. Because the company who put together my last blog layout went out of business, some of the links went out right along with them. I had been too busy, or so I said, to sit down and fix it, but this weekend I spent quite a bit of time looking to see where it had all gone wrong, and what I could do to fix it. Honestly, I'm about to call up UT and ask for my degree in computer science, because I learned quite a bit about coding throughout this process. Kidding, but still. Code is essentially a foreign language to me, so I tried not to get too frustrated when little things weren't working for me.

Still running, and still eating frozen yogurt
What all is new, you ask? Well, my blog is still the exact same in terms of content. What I blog about won't change, but I now have an "About Me" page, a page each with all of my workouts and recipes linked up - these are still a work in progress, as it is going to take a little bit more time to find and link up all of the workouts and recipes that I have posted, and I also have a contact page. If you ever have a question about anything I post on the blog, or if you just want to say hi, it's very easy to do. And something that I am still working on, but hope to have completed in the coming week, are the social media icons to the right of this post. The Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest icons all link to their respective sites, but the mail icon actually links to my Instagram account. I am working on getting that cleared up. I am also hoping to add an icon to my LinkedIn account, because I am a yo-pro after all, and again, that will hopefully be done in the coming week.

I am no longer a "20 year old college student who lives in Austin," rather I am 23, living in Houston, and experiencing the real world. 
But that doesn't mean I can't still have some fun
I am so excited about these changes, and I hope you enjoy them, too. Shoot me an email, give me a follow, or just enjoy looking around and checking out my new site. Hopefully this will motivate me to keep my posts regular, and maybe to try out some new recipes and workouts, too!

New shoes, new blog design
And I'm off to enjoy the Sunday sunshine. We've been expecting rain all weekend, but the sun is currently doing its thing. Talk to you guys this week!

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