Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Mileage

This post will be short and sweet, but after yesterday's post about my doctor's appointment, I just couldn't leave y'all hanging. Luck was on my side today, as we just happened to have an early release day. Why, I don't know, but I'm certainly not going to complain about it. And while spending a sunny afternoon in the doctor's office wasn't my idea of a good time, I left feeling as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

While deep down I knew I wasn't suffering from anything worse than shin splints, I wanted to hear it from someone who knew what they were talking about. I arrived at the doctor's office, filled out some paperwork, and was ushered to the back relatively quickly. After stating that I had been experiencing some left shin pain, I was then whisked over to another part of the office to get an X-ray. This X-ray experience was far less painful than what I remember from when my ankle was X-rayed at age five.

Dream Team (Source)
Those fifteen or so minutes of waiting were agonizing. Okay, I'm being dramatic. They actually weren't bad at all. I just did a little bit of school work until the doctor came in to talk about the X-rays. He basically confirmed what I thought, and what other people had been telling me, and said that the scans were normal (hallelujah to that), and that though stress fractures can sometimes be hard to see via X-ray, it didn't feel like a stress fracture, however, it could be heading that way. That it is probably bruised, but that it is 1000% (yes, 1000) curable with rest. Which is hard for me. And he was quick to add that I can still bike, elliptical, and swim. And running isn't completely out of the question. But he said my weekly mileage was getting a little high, and that ice, anti-inflammatory medicine, and a couple of weeks rest is just what the doctor ordered. Literally. So here's my plan. I ran Monday, and I'm not going to run at all until next Tuesday. And then I'm going to see how it feels. I really liked what the doctor said to me, "Does that mean running is out of the question? No. But if it's hurting you the next day, you did too much." And while I am certainly going to take this one nice and slow, and really listen to my body, I am so thankful that it was nothing more than a few too many miles logged. Last night my brain was already picturing walking through the halls of Bellaire with a boot on my foot, or even worse for a floating teacher, crutches. Maybe I should have done theater in high school, huh?

I'll put this to rest for a week or two
And  these might not see the pavement for a couple of days
So, it looks like I am going to have to pick up the slack on some of the miles next month, aren't I? Because February is not going to see any more miles from me. And maybe now I'll actually get in some strength training, as well as put together some new swimming workouts. And I even hope to learn a little bit more about recovery and taking care of my body, because it's something I've neglected over the years. As hard as it is for me to rest, I've learned by now that this is the only body I've got, and a couple of weeks off now is a whole lot better than hobbling around or undergoing major surgeries later. So, drumroll please, my February mileage comes out to

78.45 miles

A little less than January's total mileage, but February also has a few less days. Yeah, we'll blame it on that! I just can't help but shake my head when I realize I made it through 10 years of volleyball without a single injury, but I start running and rollerblading to stay in shape and suddenly I'm falling apart. I guess that's what happens when you turn 23. But before I sign off, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with my visit to the Orthopedic Sports Clinic. It was a really cool facility and I now know why it is the place to be, and why it's so hard to get an appointment. In fact, I ran into three people that I know and/or recognize from middle and/or high school. The Spring Branch area bleeds loyalty.

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