Friday, February 13, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday XXI

Okay, I know I forgot to post last Friday. I absolutely intended to. But here's what happened. The night before I had gathered a couple of the items that I knew I was going to need to take photos of for this post, and I even managed to bring them downstairs with me on Friday morning. I was going to take them to school with me so that I could take pictures of them before the school day started, but on my drive to school, I quickly realized that I had left my make-up bag at home. You win some, you lose some, I guess! Anyway, I will post today what I intended to post last week, and I hope to never miss another Friday, though we all know not to take that promise too seriously!

Today's post strangely enough focuses on make-up and beauty products, which is so out of the ordinary for me. Of course I wear make-up, but I don't wear a lot of it, and secretly I love weekends when I do nothing but lounge around my house because I don't feel the need to wear any of it. That doesn't happen often, but even when I do put on make-up, none of it is life-changing. I have found a few great products, though, that I can't help but share with you guys. Sorry, boys, but you might want to check out of this post!

Clinique Chubby Stick
I think the lipstick trend skipped my generation. Actually, I take that back, because there are certainly people my age who wear lipstick, but I am not one of them. My mom is religious about applying lipstick, but whenever I put it on, I'm constantly biting my lips, which is why I tend to stick to chapstick. So, when I found the Clinique Chubby Stick, which is moisturizing lip balm with a little punch of color, I knew I had found what I was looking for. So not only does it act as chapstick, it also adds a hint of color without being a distraction to my lips, if that makes any sense at all. I have a stick in Pleasant Punch as well as Chunky Cherry, and I love them both.

DermaBlend Intense Powder Camo
I have never been, and probably never will be, a fan of foundation. I hate feeling as though I have goop caked on my face, and I never seem to apply it correctly. That being said, I definitely don't have a perfect face, and a little make-up is a good thing. What I love about this DermaBlend Intense Powder Camo product, because it is a little bit pricey, is that it truly lasts all day. It doesn't feel cakey, and it makes my skin appear smooth and even-toned. It blends well, it's lightweight, and it comes in 16 different shades, so it's almost guaranteed that you can find a shade to match your skin tone.

OPI Neutrals
As much as I love getting my toes done, my nails are a different story. I love having my nails painted, but I hate it when they start to chip, and for me, that's about two seconds after I leave the nail salon. That being said, this Christmas break, Hayley, Lindsay, Taylor, Amira, and myself decided that we were going to take part in a nail polish exchange. Totally girly, but totally fun. And normally I am drawn to the bright pinks and reds, but this time I opened a more neutral pinkish color that I immediately fell in love with. It's called "Tickle My France-y," and I loved it so much that I was inspired to purchase another neutral color, this time in a shade of gray. I have found that wearing neutral colors not only match any outfit that you are wearing (because we all have time to repaint our nails to match each outfit, right? and we are also all concerned about that, right?), but it's also easier for me to maintain. Not only is a chip here and there less noticeable, but a quick touch-up is easy because if it's a less than perfect paint job, that's also less noticeable. A win-win.

(Left, Right)
Curly Hair Products
It is no secret that I have a whole head of curly hair. And I gave up fighting it with a hair straightener years ago. Occasionally I will run a straightener through it, but not often, as it's often easier for me to just throw some hair product in it and be on my merry way. Sometimes this is a good thing, and more times than not, it is a bad thing. My curly hair has a mind of its own, and it can be hard for me to find a product that makes it look decent on a regular basis. The irony of this is that I am wearing my hair straight for the first time this entire school year. Any guesses on how many comments I'll get? Anyway, when a friend told me about something that she has tried - and has worked! - I couldn't help but give it a try myself. It's the combination of KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back SprayMorocconoil Curl Defining Cream, and Mizani True Textures Curl Soft. I apply all three of them to damp, towel-dried hair, and then I am on my way out the door. They are a little bit pricier than the usual drugstore products, but I purchased all three of these bottles months ago, use them daily, and I still have plenty of product left. Very little time, very little energy, very little trouble. How can you say no to that?

The Bathery Bath Brush
This last one is just a random, fun, impulse purchase that came from Target. Isn't that how most Target purchases go? Anyway, I love loofahs, but much like the average person, I have trouble reaching my back in the shower in order to give it a good clean. And with all the running I do, I need a good clean. The solution to this problem? This loofah with its easy-grip handle gives you that much-needed extended reach, and what's better is that it comes in a plethora of fun colors and it's also travel friendly. Happy showering!

And on that note, I'm off to The Kopy Kingdom to make yet another round of copies. I would love to know how many reams of paper those copy ladies go through each day. Anyway, see you guys from AUSTIN! And in reference to my post from yesterday, as I was baking some Valentine's Day treats for my little angel students, I got to thinking about how to squeeze in some exercise while sitting at a desk. I know there are hundreds of articles out there on that topic alone, but why not add another one to the mix? Look for that post coming soon! Enjoy your pre-Valentine's Day Friday!

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