Thursday, July 18, 2013


One of the (many) perks of working at SRD is that I get to have my computer with me - playing music, browsing the Internet, writing blog posts, etc - and I often find myself killing time by reading some really out there, but really hilarious, BuzzFeed articles. In case you are interested in feeling extremely sick to your stomach, here are the 18 Most Insane Food Challenges Ever. And any child of the 90's will appreciate this article.

Anyway, when I saw the article titled "34 Things Austinites Love," I knew I had to give it a read. I found almost every one of the points listed to be true, but I'll pick out a few of my very favorites for you.

1. Tacos
Remember in this post when I talked about how if there's one thing I've learned from living in Austin, it's that I love a good taco? It is so true. Tacos of any kind are such a win, and I've even been inspired to try and recreate some of them myself.

4. Doing Yoga at Black Swan
Though I am not an avid practicer of yoga, nor am I very good at it, I do feel very Austin-y every time I step inside Black Swan to do some hot yoga. 

7. The flagship Whole Foods
You've seen Whole Foods on the blog many a time, and it is something I will miss very much should I not live in Austin after I graduate. While it would be very expensive to grocery shop there on a regular basis, I can't deny the plethora of delicious food options available. The hardest thing about eating at Whole Foods is deciding what to order.

8. Iconic graffiti
I have been to many of these graffiti walls, but there are still plenty more to cross off my list before I graduate. 

14. Kayaks
Hands down one of my favorite parts about Austin - the endless outdoor and water activities that are available. Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake will never, ever get old.

30. South Congress
One of the most iconic streets in Austin - full of unique shopping, delicious restaurants, the famous "i love you so much" wall, and a picture perfect view of the Austin skyline. I love it when friends comes in town because it gives me an excuse to become an Austin tourist.

32. Texas Football
I may not love actually attending the games, but I love watching football on tv, from the comfort of my own air-conditioned home. The past three years have unfortunately been pretty disappointing for Texas football standards, but I'm hoping this senior season will be one to remember.

I work until 2:00pm today, and after that I am planning on heading down to Gregory Gym for a swim before getting together with two of my oldest friends tonight for an adventure on Town Lake. Happy Thursday!

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