Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taco Weekend

And another Austin weekend is in the books, but this is my first low-key weekend in that not much was planned. The first weekend I was back in town, I completed a triathlon, the next weekend I went to a beautiful wedding, the next weekend I completed my spin certification orientation, and just last weekend I got to spend wonderful weekend with my friend Amira. All of those weekends were absolutely wonderful, but I also enjoyed a low-key weekend, filled with lots of delicious food, and even better company.

We left off on Friday before I got off of work. At approximately 2:00pm, I quickly changed into Nike shorts and a t-shirt and headed down to the SRD gym. Though I have given plenty of tours that have been through the fitness center, I hadn't worked out in there since last summer. I was going to complete a Pinterest workout, but I ended up just staying on the treadmill for 45 minutes, alternating five minutes of running with five minutes of walking. Nothing too crazy, but I was nice and sweaty by the end of it.

I hurried home so that I could shower and give myself enough time for my hair to dry without having to blow-dry it. I think I've mentioned before that blow-drying my hair is just one of those things I don't enjoy doing. Dylan had a surprise dinner date planned for us, and we made our dinner reservations just in time. I have mentioned before that we sat down and made a list of Austin things we want to do together, and one of my contributions was Jack Allen's Kitchen. I had heard nothing but good things about it, and upon my first steps into the restaurant, I already loved it. Dylan and I both agreed that the atmosphere was excellent, and the waiters and waitresses were so friendly and attentive.

A five-star rating before we even looked at a menu. Jack Allen's Kitchen is a sort of upscale Tex-Mex restaurant, and we both had a hard time deciding what we were going to order, as everything looked delicious. I ended up going for the Green Chile Pork taco plate, and Dylan went for the Slow Roasted Chicken Tinga taco plate. Both of our meals were excellent, and we both absolutely recommend this restaurant. It is worth fighting the ever-present Austin traffic.

After dinner we tried to go to Lick, because though he teases my lactose intolerance, he is truly very thoughtful and took that into account when thinking of where we would go for dessert. Unfortunately, there was no parking to be found, so we went to a different vegan ice cream parlor - Sweet Ritual. I got a combination of cookies and cream and chocolate chai, but dessert just didn't compare to our delicious dinner. You live and learn, right?

Saturday I worked all day, so I was more than ready to put on some cute clothes and celebrate one of my roommate's 21st birthdays. Katie turned 21 on Monday, but as she is working as a camp counselor this summer, she was unable to come home on her actual birthday. She was able to get Saturday night off, so she came back to the Clubhouse for the night, and her parents drove in from Dallas and took us to a delicious dinner at Santa Rita. Santa Rita is probably my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Austin, and I knew right away that I was going to order the Tacos Al Pastor. I wavered a bit after looking at the rest of the menu, but I stayed loyal to my original choice, and I did not regret one bite.

It was an excellent evening, and we even managed to get seven of the ten current and future Clubhouse members all in the same place at the same time.

Early this morning, Austin received a bit of unexpected (to me) rain, which made me want to stay curled up in bed all morning. However, Dylan and I had plans to make plans to decorate his back deck, so we ran a few errands before ending our time together with a delicious meal at Hyde Park Bar and Grill. I unfortunately forgot to snag a pic of my meal, but I ordered the blackened tilapia tacos, rounding out my very taco weekend. Dylan went for the Chicken Guacamole B.L.T., which he said was wonderful.

After a quick swim, and a 5:00pm church service, I ran a few errands and am currently baking for a YoungLife teammate who is about to head to Nepal for the remainder of the summer. We are all having dinner together tomorrow night, so some baked goods are definitely necessary.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and if you live in Texas, stayed out of the extreme heat!

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