Friday, June 28, 2013

The Adventure That Wasn't

Once again, I apologize for another blogging hiatus, but it has been a pretty low-key week for me, and I can't say that I hate it. I love being busy and having fun things to look forward to, but there's also something to be said about being in your pj's at 7:30pm, putting in a Nicholas Sparks movie, and perusing through Pinterest for fun Fourth of July recipes.

Sarah and I did have a fun adventure planned for last night, but it ended up getting canceled about three hours before it was supposed to take place. It was a very belated 21st birthday celebration for Sarah, and it will have to be just a little bit more prolonged, as Sarah and I are both going to alternate being out of town for the next two weeks. Though I won't tell you what the adventure is going to entail, I will give you a hint. It takes place on the water, and it is a very "Austin-y" thing to do.

Instead of the adventure we had planned, we opted for a familiar dinner at La Madeleine, a quick trip to Barnes and Noble, and a light dessert at Pinkberry before calling it a very early night in Suite 1. 


I work the 8am-2pm shift at SRD today, so I came over a little bit early to eat my favorite yogurt breakfast before work. It's been a while since I've talked about that, huh? I have been in a breakfast rut lately, in that I haven't been excited about any of my current breakfast options, so I am taking full advantage of being able to enjoy breakfast from SRD before figuring out what my next breakfast obsession will be.

Vanilla yogurt topped with walnuts, raisins, and coconut
Travel Questionnaire

And I know it's not Sunday, but I stumbled upon this short questionnaire this morning while reading my favorite blog, and since it might be the most exciting thing you will read on this particular post, I am going to post it today. Nothing like a Friday travel survey to make me wish I was going somewhere exciting this weekend!

  • Travel Essential: Before I purchased a Kindle, it was a backpack full of books. I am already a pretty voracious reader, and while I am traveling, I tend to read even more than usual. But as long as I have my Kindle with a full battery, I am one happy traveler. 
  • Item You Pack That Reminds You Of Home: I almost always pack a big sweatshirt and a pair of comfy socks, so that I can curl up under a blanket with a good book, and that certainly reminds me of home.
  • Strangest Item Ever Packed: I don't know if this is "strange" necessarily, but I have packed full jars of peanut butter before. You just never know when you will be stuck somewhere with a peanut butter craving.
  • Last Souvenir Purchased: I guess the last time I traveled anywhere was when I was coming home from Barcelona (which was almost a year ago, crazy)! I do recall scrambling all over Barcelona to find last-minute gifts for friends and family, and I think the last thing I purchased for myself was a pair of earrings, handmade in Barcelona.
  • In-Flight Snacking: I usually pack almonds or some type of energy bar to eat on the plane. I did one time take an entire box of Thin Mints with me on the plane, and I was probably the most popular passenger.
  • Drink of Choice While Flying: Just plain old water. I don't really experience any air sickness, so I don't need anything to calm down my stomach. Plus, it's so important to drink water while flying, as it's very easy to get dehydrated.

There you have it. Have a very happy Friday. I get off work at 2:00pm, where I might squeeze in a quick workout before getting ready for a surprise dinner with Dylan. All I know is that I better be hungry tonight, which really shouldn't be a problem for me!

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