Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bucket List Marathons

Happy Sunday! I have a survey coming for you guys later, but to hold you over until that gets posted, here's a post you runners might especially enjoy.

As an member, I receive daily emails from them containing workout and diet tips, race entry discounts, and really anything and everything that has to do with running. I have quite the bucket list going, so when I read that the title of an article was "10 Bucket List Marathons," I had to read a little further. Running a marathon is in fact one of the items on my bucket list, so why not cross something off my bucket list with a race that makes an appearance on another bucket list?

10 Bucket List Marathons
  • Chicago Marathon
  • New York City Marathon
  • Boston Marathon
  • Great Wall Marathon
  • Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon
  • Athens Marathon
  • Big Sur International Marathon
  • Pikes Peak Marathon
  • London Marathon
  • Honolulu Marathon

It would be really hard for me to pick just one of them, but I think the elevation factor of the Pikes Peak Marathon knocks that one off right away. The last time I was in Colorado, I tried going for a morning run and made it maybe five minutes before I turned my run into a walk. And while it would be a dream to participate in the Boston Marathon, participation in that marathon means I would have had to run a marathon prior to that one. As much as I love running, I have a feeling that running a marathon will be a "one and done" kind of thing for me. I don't have much of a desire to visit China, mainly because I don't know how well I would be able to handle the food, the Great Wall Marathon event sounds really cool. And who could turn down running a race through the iconic New York City, the beautiful Honolulu beaches, or the historic streets of London? If I do run a full marathon one day, I will be sure to make it a big one!

Question of the morning:
  • Have you run any of these "Bucket List Marathons?" Are there any other marathons that you have run and loved?

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