Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Mine has been great, and I hope yours has been, too. I am bringing back a little tradition this Friday, that I can't really call a tradition because I did it a grand total of one time, but without further ado, here are five things that have made up this Friday.

1. Breakfast in bed
Okay, it's not a traditional "breakfast in bed" that someone else brought to me, but there's something about eating breakfast in bed, even if you made it yourself, that makes you feel as though you are being pampered, and sometimes you just need to feel like that! I also stayed in bed doing a little bit of reading and writing, so it was a really great morning in Suite 1.

2. Morning swims
I knew I was going to have to work starting in the late-afternoon until closing, and Dylan and I had plans to do a little handiwork that afternoon, so if I was going to get in a workout, it would have to be in the morning. I decided on swimming, so I biked on over to Gregory and snagged a lane all to myself for the entire mile and a half swim. The temperature hadn't quite hit 100, the water was warm, and the sun was still rising to its highest point in the sky. The perfect start to any morning.

3. Lindsey Platt
Remember two months ago when Lindsey came to Houston with me and I dropped her off at the airport the next day for her two month Uganda adventure? Well, she returned to the great state of Texas late Wednesday night, but she won't be here for long. She is flying out to California on Sunday to spend another semester as a roadie for Invisible Children, but she came to Austin for the day to gather all of her belongings, and it was so good to see her, even if only for an hour or two!

4. Thundercloud Subs
Like I said, Dylan and I did a little handiwork at my house today, but in between all of our errand running and frustrating attempts at hanging some plates on the wall, we sat down and enjoyed delicious sandwiches from Thundercloud Subs - the Austin Club for me, and the California Club for him. I am a huge fan of Subway, but I think Thundercloud might edge Subway out of the top sandwich establishment. If you are ever in Austin, you must give it a try!

5. Getting Ahead
It's August, which is essentially the Sunday of summer, and classes start back up again at the end of the month. This upcoming semester, heck this entire year, is going to be quite the roller coaster ride, so I am doing my best to read some of the required texts ahead of time, just so I will have some idea of what is to come. It's been hard getting back into the "school mindset," but I think it will be for my own good come August 28th, because I don't think my classes are going to wait for me!

And on that note, I'm going to get back to my reading. I finished reading Divergent last night, so I figured now is as good a time as any to get a jump start on my reading for the semester. On the Divergent note - if you are a fan of the young adult dystopian Hunger Games series, I strongly recommend giving this series a read. I just purchased the second book in the series, and I plan on starting it very soon! Have a great Friday evening!

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