Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Ready

I have had such an enjoyable "last" summer that I have just been pushing the fact that school starts tomorrow to the back of my mind. Sure, I ordered (and even started to read some of) my textbooks, I looked on blackboard to see if any of my professors posted my syllabi early (they didn't), and I even went shopping and stocked up on some "teacher clothes," but I still didn't want to accept the fact that my senior year of college is about to begin.

I think part of the reason I was so against school starting back up again is that I was scared. I am sure that I haven mentioned it before, but this year I will be spending a lot of my time in an Austin high school. I will be teaching high school students, not much younger than myself, literary strategies, how to read and understand the classics, and just how to be a functioning human being in society. I didn't feel at all equipped to stand up at the front of a classroom and teach anyone about books and concepts that I myself don't fully understand. But then it dawned on me, and I started to feel excited about everything I have ahead of me. I'm going to be a senior in college and no, I won't have read every single book. I won't have all the answers. And I'll probably make more mistakes than I'll care to admit. And I think back on my first year of volleyball. Was I very good? No, as I had no experience playing the sport, and I had to learn the rules and points of the game just like every other great volleyball player that stood before me. Every time I played, every touch on the ball, made me a better player, and every time I sit in the classroom of my UTL640 class, every time I sit in the back of a high school classroom observing, and every time I get up in front of the class to teach a lesson, I'll get a little bit better. And that's when the excitement hit me. I have wanted to become a teacher for as long as I can remember, and I got so excited the other day when I was talking to my parents about the real-life application of typically boring lessons I read about in one of my books. I get so excited every time I buy a new "teacher outfit." And I can't wait to find out what school I'll be in this fall. And I am beyond excited to share this journey with you guys. Cut me a little slack on the blogging front this semester, though, because I hear this internship semester is insane. But I promise I will update y'all as frequently as I possibly can. And I will of course continue my food and exercise posts as often as I can. So now that I have spilled my heart out to you guys, let's continue on with our regularly scheduled events.


What was probably my last trip to the MAC, which is a story for another time, ended on a very good note. I took a Muscle Blast class with Felipe and my legs are going to be S-O-R-E tomorrow. We did lots of lunges and lots of squats, which are moves that I typically don't incorporate into my workouts on my own these days, so it's good to have someone kicking my butt into gear. Two of my favorite exercises of the morning were the single-leg squats, which require balance before you can even think about completing the move, and reverse lunges from a bench holding dumbbells.


I thought about going upstairs to run a little bit on a treadmill, but my legs were absolutely shot, so I went back to my house where I decided to walk my favorite route around my neighborhood before showering and making myself some breakfast.


I bought liquid egg whites on Thursday when I got home, but this is the first time I have even thought about eating them for breakfast. I enjoyed too much refreshing and delicious fruit all of the other days I was at home, that scrambled egg whites and spinach didn't even cross my mind. Today, however, we were running short on fruit, and I decided to use up the rest of the spinach that I brought home from Austin with me. So, scrambled egg whites, spinach, and salsa it was. And it was delicious.

And with that, I'll see you guys from Austin. Senior year, let's do this!

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