Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Left Way

August 13th is easily one of my favorite days of the year. For one, I'm still on summer vacation, and two, it's International Lefthanders Day! So to all of you lefties out there, enjoy this wonderful day, because we all know that being left-handed is truly a treat. Yes, we have likely all gone through the trauma of thinking we are unable to use scissors correctly, only to find out that we have been forced to use right-handed scissors; the pain of taking a test at a desk made for righties; the fear associated with using certain types of pens; and the annoyance of being told to "just do what I do backwards." I remember detesting my left-handedness, mainly because it set me apart in almost everything - from playing sports to learning how to write cursive, and even learning how to sew needlepoint (that story deserves a post of its own), but now I love being left-handed. It was my secret weapon when I played sports, and I am still quick to notice when I am in the presence of another southpaw.

I was once told that I had a "wicked" left-handed serve
Needless to say, I definitely believe that we deserve a day dedicated to celebrating our special gift. After all, there aren't many of us out there, at least compared to the number of righties in the world. We are in very good company - Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Phil Mickelson, Babe Ruth, Helen Keller, and Neil Armstrong, just to name a few - so it seems silly to dwell on all the disadvantages there are to being a lefty, but some of them are just too funny (and too true) not to share.

Three-Ring Binders (Source) 
Sitting next to righties at the dinner table (Source)
A lefties biggest academic hurdle (Source) 
Too true (Source)
Don't get me wrong. I absolutely appreciate being a lefty, as I am sure you have deduced from this post. After all, I never even had to put my pencil down when doing the Right Hand Rule during a physics test. And that right there made it all worth it.

Left hand, best hand
Have a happy Tuesday! And do something nice for your left-handed friends today - they deserve it!

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