Thursday, July 2, 2015

Killer Track and Stadium Workout

Hey hey! How's it going? I hope today is like your FRIDAY, and that you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off in celebration of the Fourth. If not, well, at least you're getting paid, right? Right. And because I won't be in the presence of a kitchen on the actual Fourth of July, I whipped up this freedom-inspired pie in honor of one of my favorite holidays. Pies have never been my forte, but I gave up attempting to make my own pie crust, and they suddenly become much easier to create. And this cherry and blueberry pie tastes as sweet as freedom feels.

This post is a couple of days overdue. I completed this workout on Monday, but I am just now getting around to sharing it with you all. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is tough. But you have to remember that though I played years and years and years of volleyball, a sport in which sprinting plays a crucial part, sprint work is still my absolute least favorite method of training. I know it's so necessary, and I also know that I don't do enough of it. So I made sure to incorporate it into this track and stadium workout. It's modeled after this workout, in fact, it looks almost identical. But there are a few key changes, because who wants to do 100m of high knees? And as much as I wish I could have done the tuck jumps and burpees, I just didn't have that energy in me. But I'm going to blame that on the fact that the sky opened up at the beginning of my workout, and then the sun came out and made my workout that much harder. I'll admit that I did feel a little bit nauseous at the end, but not so much that I felt like I needed to call it quits. And now, here is my killer track and stadium workout.

Now, let me explain some of this, because to many of you, it might just seem like I'm throwing words out at you guys. When I say -

Stadium set, I mean run up a set of stairs, run down that same set of stairs, run over to the next set of stairs, and continue that throughout the entirety of the stadium. The stadium I ran only had eight staircases, if you want to use that as a gauge.
  • Single step means hit every step on the way up
  • Double step means hit every other step on the way up
Sprints, I mean run a 100m sprint as usual, walk the 100m back to the starting point, using that as your rest time, and start your next sprint immediately upon returning to the start line

Alternating bench jumps, I mean start with one foot on the bench, the other one on the ground. Jump up, and when you're in the air, switch your legs, so that the foot that started on the ground is now on the bench. Continue until you have done 30 reps - 15 on each leg. Rest 30 seconds, and complete another round.

Stair hops, I mean hop up the stairs as if you were a rabbit, hitting each consecutive stair.

Stadium squat, I mean start on the bottom bench. Using your lead foot, and remaining in a squat stance, step up onto the next bench, bringing your back foot with you. You really have to be careful on this one, because you want to make sure you have full balance before stepping up onto the next bench. Slow and steady is the name of this game. When you reach the top, you will jog back down the stairs.

Climbing push-ups, I mean death. Just kidding, I mean start with your feet at the bottom of the stairs. Lean over into a push-up position, placing your hands onto the step that is most comfortable for you. I skipped either three or four steps, but that completely depends on your height. Once you have found a comfortable position, do a push-up, and move both your hands and feet up one step apiece. Do a push-up, and continue to do that until you reach the top of the stairs. Slide down the railing Jog down the stairs to the bottom.

A toughie, but a goodie. And most high schools have a track and stadium, so this could really be done almost anywhere you go. And I'm off to enjoy breakfast with Nat. See y'all later!

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