Friday, July 10, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday XLI

Happy Friday! Whew! I think this is the most thankful I've been for Friday all summer. It has been non-stop go-go-go this week, as I've gone from working Rice volleyball camps to helping with Texas Elite club tryouts to Bellaire open gym and whew, am I worn out! But in a good way. I loved the month of June, because though I did a few things here and there, I had no real commitments. But now it's July, and the rest of my days are filled to the brim. Literally. I left my house at 6:45am and didn't get home until 8:30pm. It's putting me back in the school and volleyball mindset, and I think that can only be a good thing. I've gotten to bed early, gotten up early, maximized my time, and I feel like I've been most productive. But today I've got a chance to breathe, at least until tonight, so I'm going to use this time to catch up on a little bit of blog work. And you guys already know what Friday means - Things I'm Loving! And maybe one day I'll get around to posting about my trip to Austin. But just know that my heart was bursting with joy and familiarity upon making a return to one of my happiest cities.

How to Stop Feeling Busy
This article gets it. And it serves as such a sweet reminder to me as I get ready to enter into my busiest season. Between school and volleyball and running and attempting to maintain some semblance of a social life, it's very easy for me to get caught up in responding to a "How are you doing?" question with "I'm good; just so busy!" This article hits the nail on the head when it states that "busyness has become a status symbol." If you're not busy, what are you? Downtime started becoming something negative, when in reality, it's such a positive, and it's so incredibly necessary. I said it above - I feel most productive when I'm busy. And while I have seen good things come from a busy schedule, believe me when I say I have also seen bad things come from a busy schedule - stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. I often feel bad when I find myself sitting on the couch enjoying an episode of Wheel of Fortune with my parents, because I could be using this time to do something truly productive. But if I'm enjoying that time, it is productive. And in this day and age, everyone has a long to-do list, and I'm no more special than the person next to me because of it.

My August calendar will soon be filled
LIVE with Kelly and Michael
Just like The Price is Right, I can't seem to get enough of LIVE with Kelly and Michael this summer. Kelly Ripa is my girl crush, and I think the two of them are just hilarious together. In my opinion, it appeals to a wide audience, it's in good taste, and they have guests that people actually want to see. They present the news in an interesting way, and I have so enjoyed watching this show on an almost daily basis. And though tickets are already sold out for the days that I'll be in New York, I'm going to see what I can do to find a way to attend a taping.

Aidells Caramelized Onion Chicken Meatballs
My latest obsession. I bought these meatballs on a whim while on a Randall's outing, because I have had good experience with the Aidells brand. Their chicken and apple chicken sausage is one of my favorites, and fun fact about me - I'm a huge meatball fan. Spaghetti just isn't complete without them. So I decided to give these a shot. I ate them mixed in with cooked veggies - squash, zucchini, asparagus, and broccoli - and quinoa, all topped with salsa. The combination of onions, a hint of brown sugar, and a touch of dijon mustard make these hard to resist. So much so that my mom and brother raved about them as well. And what's better is that they're healthy, they're extremely easy to whip up, and they taste phenomenal. The trifecta.

The possibilities are endless with these meatballs (Source)
Freestyle Shark Watch
It would be hard to find me without a watch on my right wrist. Which is odd because I used to be so anti-watch. And then I went to college and clocks didn't exist in every classroom. I hate not knowing what time it is, so I bought myself my first sport watch. I've been in and out of sport watches, and I even traded it in for a professional-looking watch or two. But then I discovered this fun and functional watch brand. Designed for the active lifestyle, this watch will be the perfect accompaniment for a morning run, an evening bike ride, or an afternoon swim (it's waterproof). And even after you finish your workout you won't want to take this off, because not only is it eye-catching, it's comfortable, too. I'm not sure this watch will leave my wrist in the coming weeks, as it will be perfect to wear both in the classroom and on the court.

Nike Shox
If you knew me at all from the seventh grade to the eleventh grade, you know how much I loved my custom-made Nike Shox. They were pink, pink, pink, and I wore those things until I couldn't wear them anymore. They were my favorite pair of shoes I ever owned, and I am once again a proud Nike Shox owner. Let me explain. I love working at Bellaire High School, and now that I'm finally at that point, I feel like it's time to really show my pride. Being a coach, I spend a lot of time in athletic shoes, and I had red and white Nikes on my mind. I looked high and low and couldn't find anything quite to my liking, so that's when I took matters into my own hands - forking over too much money for a pair of Kelli-made red and white Nike Shox. They arrived in the mail this week and I wore them to Rice all week as a means of breaking them in. I'm throwing it back to the 90's with these new kicks, and I couldn't be happier.

And in more Friday excitement, tonight is Hayley and Ryan's rehearsal dinner at the Cadillac Bar, tomorrow morning begins my Houston Fit marathon training journey, and tomorrow night I get to witness (and be a part of!) my setter half marry her best friend. And I'll raise my glass to THAT!

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