Monday, January 16, 2012

He Had a Dream

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King Jr. (Source)

Thank you MLK, for the remarkable change that you brought to our country.

This MLK day started off on the right note for me, as I woke up around 7:30, even after I planned to sleep later, and headed down for my favorite yogurt breakfast, adding a side of scrambled egg whites to the mix. It was delicious and gave me all the protein I needed to power through a 5-mile run in the Austin humidity. Once I returned from my run, I immediately headed down to the SRD fitness center to complete some ab workouts. My ab workout looked like this:


Ball Crunches
Side Ball Crunches
45 seconds
Medicine Ball Twist
30 seconds

It wasn't much but it felt good to work those abs!

After my workout, I headed to Target for the sole purpose of buying face wash, yogurt, and markers (no specific reason, I just wanted some!) Of course I leave with more than that, but the best find of the morning was definitely these new Peanut Butter MultiGrain Cheerios. Multigrain Cheerios is one of my favorite cereals and I am convinced that peanut butter tastes good with almost anything, so combining the two has to make for a delicious snack! I will definitely post a review on them after I try my first bowl.

Please ignore the fact that I took a selfie - but here are the Peanut Butter MultiGrain Cheerios
That brings me to lunch, which was superb. SRD rarely lets me down in the food department and today was no exception.

We had tortilla crusted tilapia, green beans, and they even had fresh strawberries. It was delicious and I wished I hadn't been full so I could have had some more. I only hope I can recreate these meals next year on my own. I now plan to lay in bed watching movies, beginning with the movie Up, which I hear is just precious!

I hope you are enjoying your day off!

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