Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back in Austin

Wednesday morning marked the end of my month-long break at home in Houston. Fortunately, I love Austin, so it made saying bye to my family a little bit easier! Unfortunately, the nine RA's were basically the only girls back at SRD for the semester, which made sleeping here last night just a little bit creepy. Obviously, with the security that we have here, nothing is going to happen, but being the only girl on your hall can still be somewhat frightening!

The only girls currently at SRD - my fabulous fellow RA's! :)
Yesterday involved some unpacking, which still isn't done but I am about to work on it after this post, and some catching up with my fellow RA's! It feels so great to be back with them, even though it feels like just yesterday that we were partaking in our RA panty exchange and playing Quelf for hours and hours.

Yes, we threw the panties on the tree and guessed to whom each pair belonged!
I went to bed pretty early last night since yesterday was quite an early morning, and as a result I woke up around 6:50am. What in the world am I supposed to do at that hour? I ate some yogurt and a delicious blueberry muffin and headed over to the pool to swim some laps. It was incredibly cold outside and I quickly began questioning my sanity to ride my bike to the gym, but once I got in the pool I quickly warmed up.

I then ran a few errands, one being to Staples to stock up on some school supplies. School supply shopping is one of my absolute favorite things to do, I guess that's the teacher in me showing?

Once I got back to the 'Dirty Srdy,' the RA's were put to work. My task, along with three other girls, was to organize the RA Christmas Decoration closet. This was no easy task as this closet was an absolute mess. Next years RA's, y'all are lucky! :) We got it done relatively quickly and I could go back to.. doing nothing! I am definitely soaking up all the down time I can get before this semester gets CRAZY!

I went for a 4-ish mile run around 4:30 before showering and eating a random, but still tasty dinner of turkey, italian beans, and black bean soup. Told you it was random! I am now off to finish organizing my room and maybe put in a movie! Sounds like a winner of a night to me! Tomorrow morning we are having an RA date to the 3D Beauty and the Beast movie that opens tomorrow. Since I mentioned before that Belle is my favorite princess, I could not be more excited! I can't wait to write my review about the movie!

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