Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Day at Disney

Since we went to bed so incredibly early the night before, we were up and at 'em (and hungry) on Sunday morning. After enjoying a delightful breakfast at our hotel, we headed up to get dressed and take some pictures in all the different decades at our hotel. We stayed onsite at the Pop Century Resort and we had a blast. The hotel was precious, decorated with popular sayings and gadgets from each decade. We were staying in the 70's part of the hotel, but the 90's area was obviously our favorite!

Birth year 
Giant keyboard
Who doesn't remember when our whole lives were saved on floppy disks? 

Classic phrase 

We then decided to head over to Hollywood Studios so Sarah could experience the greatness that is the Rock 'n Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror. I thought she was going to kill me for forcing her to ride the Tower of Terror, but she loved it so much that we rode each of the rides three times!
The Christmas decorations were still up while we were there!

It goes from 0 to 60mph in less than two seconds!
Those were actually the only two rides we rode all day, but we did take a stop and walk around the Walt Disney museum: "One Man's Dream," and learned about Walt's life, the different Disney's around the world, and just cool models and drawings of different rides and landmarks. I really enjoyed it and it made me just more in awe of how big Walt Disney dreamed!

We headed back to our hotel to rest and read before we headed to Downtown Disney to eat a nice dinner in honor of our last night at the most magical place on Earth. We ate at the T-Rex Cafe and it was delicious. It had an atmosphere like that of Rainforest Cafe, just with dinosaurs. We both had a hard time deciding what we wanted to eat because the menu had so many promising items, but in the end, Sarah opted for the chicken sandwich on fried pizza dough bread, and I went for the fish tacos with black bean soup. They were absolutely delicious, as were all of our meals were during our stay in Orlando.

Sarah's Grilled Chicken Sandwich

My Fish Tacos and Black Bean Soup
Downtown Disney! Sidenote: The snake behind us is made entirely of LEGOS!
After dinner, we walked around some of the shops before catching the shuttle home to get ready for our 5:15am wake-up call to head back to the great state of Texas, where we were greeted with thunderstorms and tornado warnings. It is great to be back, but we had a fabulous trip and I am already counting down to my next trip to Disney World!

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