Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crossfit + Peanut Butter + SPAIN

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Peanut Butter is definitely high on my list of favorite things, so when my mom text messaged me saying it was National Peanut Butter Day, I knew that something that I ate today had to be topped with a bit (or a lot) of peanut butter. I ended up enjoying it two times today, once at lunch with my banana (best combination ever in case you were wondering), and once at dinner with a honeycrisp apple. I spent over $6 today at H-E-B for three honeycrisp apples, but, and my dad would agree, they are so worth it. They are by far the best types of apples!

Are you drooling yet? (Source)

Last night in an effort to promote team bonding, or just to have some fun, we all headed over to Anderson Mill Road to participate in a Crossfit workout. One of our team leaders is a Crossfit Instructor, so he decided to lead us in a TOUGH Crossfit workout that consisted of a 400 meter run, 40 squats, 30 chest-to-the-ground pushups, 20 burpees (the worst - we used to do those as punishment in volleyball), and 10 (modified) pull-ups. You might be like me and take one look and think, "is that it?" Yes, that's it, but it was quickly proved to me that that sequence is quite enough. What's the catch? It's all timed, so you are trying to complete the workout as quickly as you possibly can. I was doing well until the last 5 push-ups and then I lost some steam, so when I went to do my first burpee, my arms literally gave out from under me and I basically collapsed. The pullups, although modified, were pretty challenging as well, but I managed to finish the workout in 6:10. As hard as it was, I really enjoyed myself. I always love a new and challenging workout!

This morning I was feeling a little under the weather so I decided to forgo my morning workout in favor of a little bit more sleep and some reading. Once I finally found my motivation this afternoon, I headed down to the SRD fitness center and ran 2.5 miles before completing this KILLER arm workout inspired by PBFingers, but modified it a little bit. Three straight minutes of bicep curls? I definitely need to build up my arm strength!

Now for the most exciting news of the day..

I WAS OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED TO STUDY ABROAD IN BARCELONA THIS SUMMER! I am so excited about this opportunity to spend six weeks in a different country, really getting immersed in the culture, traveling over Europe, oh and maybe doing a little bit of studying too! :)

Beautiful Barcelona! (Source)
It has been a wonderful, yet rainy, day thus far, and now I am off to work the desk and get some more reading done!

Doesn't this squirrel cookie just brighten your day?

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