Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Houston Food Blogger Collective

I am absolutely loving the weather we have been experiencing this week. I know tomorrow the rain is supposed to return, but for now, I'm soaking up the sunshine. Literally. Both Monday and today I went to the MAC to not only get in a workout by swimming laps, but I also laid by the pool reading. Now that it's officially springtime, I'm really going to make the extra effort to sit in the sun and get that base tan going. I have darker features that just pop a little bit more with tanned skin. And I have a little extra motivation to be tan - I'll be in California in just two(ish) short weeks, and I have to blend in with all the locals, of course.

It's no Gregory, but it'll do
Houston Food Blogger Collective

I have a little bit of excitement to share with you guys today - I am officially a member of the Houston Food Blogger Collective, connecting Houston's food bloggers and social media sharers. Seeing as I like to do both of things - I do apologize to my Instagram followers, who probably get tired of seeing yet another food picture. Though they do never seem to get tired of cookies and baked goods. Anyway, it's basically a network for people who like food, who like to write, and who like to write about food. Various events are held, and I look at it as a way of not only getting a little bit of blog promotion, but as a way of checking out the Houston restaurant scene, and maybe meeting some new people along the way. I realized I'm way into my comfort zone, with so many of my high school and college friends living in and coming back to Houston, that it's good to put myself out there every once in a while.

I actually went to high school with one of the founders, Claire Siegel, writer over at The Petite Professional, who graduated from Stratford just one year ahead of me. I know her just in passing, but it will be fun to take on the Houston food scene with a fellow Stratford American. Spartan pride never dies, you know? Anyway, the first event I will be attending is a happy hour at The Corner Table next Wednesday, April 1st. That restaurant has actually been on my to-visit list, so I am very excited to meet, greet, and eat ... some tasty food. You never know what this could one day lead to, but for now, I think I'll just enjoy the ride. And if YOU are a foodie social media sharer or blogger, please apply to become a part of the Houston Food Blogger Collective. The more the merrier, right?

I'll catch you guys later, and congrats on officially making it over the hump! I'd say that I was more than ready for this day to end, as I started the day in my red Dorothy heels, and I ended the day in my Chacos. Reasons why I can't consider myself a real adult.

Adios, and Go Rockets!

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