Sunday, March 1, 2015

Swimming Circuit Workout

Surprise! I'm back, but only briefly. I talk a lot about swimming on the blog, but I rarely share what it is that I do in the pool. I am sure it comes as no surprise that I am more of an endurance swimmer than I am a sprint swimmer. Seeing as I prefer to run longer distances of seven and eight miles than run sprints for 20 minutes. I think it's the years of volleyball that did that one to me. But I digress. Everytime I get in the pool, I am swimming at least a mile, usually a mile-and-a-half.

I swam this afternoon, waiting about 45 minutes so that I could have my own lane, and my workout today looked like a circuit, in that I completed three rounds of the following workout -

To expand a little bit on this, my first 12 laps consisted of one lap of breaststroke, followed by one lap of freestyle, followed by one lap of backstroke, and then repeating that cycle four times. Four consecutive laps of breastroke followed that, as did four consecutive laps of freestyle, and then I picked up a kickboard for my kickboard series. I swam one lap strictly using my legs, then ditched the kickboard for one lap each of freestyle and breaststroke. I picked the kickboard back up for 50 yards, and then repeated my freestyle and breaststroke regimen before finishing that mini-round of eight laps with the kickboard. To finish out the circuit I did four laps of freestyle only using my arms, and then I started the circuit all over again, twice, for a total of 96 laps. A solid Sunday swim if I do say so myself.

After my swim it was definitely time for some food. I seem to have established a weekend tradition of heading to Salata for a late lunch, and today was no exception. I enjoyed a spring mix and spinach salad topped with herb marinated grilled chicken, while reading another chapter of Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? My uncle sent me this book for my birthday, and I am loving it so far. Mindy Kaling is hilarious, and her book follows suit. Her voice really comes through in her writing style, and I think the fact that I just spent a significant amount of classroom time explaining voice to my students makes me appreciate it all the more.

And how about those Rockets? Wow, talk about a game. Lebron James vs. James Harden has got to be the NBA's best match-up. The game did not disappoint, and I so wish I had been there. I almost felt sorry for Lebron when he missed those two free throws, but I love that Clutch City got the W.

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