Friday, March 27, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday XXVII

It is Friday of my only five-day week for the next three weeks. So I think I can get through today with a smile on my face. And it's going to be a very relaxed day at school today. As I am sure you guys are well-aware, the STAAR test takes place on Monday (yeah, great choice, TEA), and while I could have used today to cram and get in some last-minute prep, I don't want my students going into the test with that stressed out mindset. I want them to feel relaxed and confident, and a day full of reviewing what the test will look like, answering any last-minute questions about what Monday will hold, and completing a fun EOC-related word search is just what my kiddos need.

And today after school my mom and I are heading out to Lost Pines Resort, where we are staying tonight before I run my eighth half marathon tomorrow morning. I have kept this one kind of hush-hush, mainly because I wasn't entirely sure I was going to be able to run it. But I did my time, and I came back slow, and I think tomorrow's race should be a good one. Not only is the weather going to be pretty darn near perfect, but the scenery is going to absolutely scream Texas. Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes and cattle and (ugh) rolling hills. And a stay at Lost Pines, which resembles San Antonio's Hyatt Hill Country, is a pretty sweet perk.

But before I take a chill day at school, and before I head out to Bastrop, and before I get started on March's last (how did that happen?) rendition of Things I'm Loving Friday, I have to take a minute and send all my love to my Hills YoungLife family. Tonight is placement night, in which newly trained college students are placed on their new YoungLife teams. I've written posts about it before, but basically it's one big PARTY celebrating these students who are saying yes to loving middle school and high school kids in the Greater Austin area. And the old leaders get to wear crazy costumes and perform embarrassing skits. It rocks. And though I won't physically be there tonight, my heart is with you guys as the family grows, because what could be better than that?

16 Things You Can Do While Actively Monitoring During Standardized Testing
The writer of the blog Love, Teach came up with this list last year during standardized testing season, which is most definitely upon us. He came up with a new list this year, but I think I like last year's list better. You may think monitoring a test is an easy task, and is much preferred to actually teaching. W R O N G. I'm honestly dreading walking up and down the aisles and doing literally nothing (that is actually my worst nightmare) for FIVE hours, but some of the items on this list might make it a tad more enjoyable. My favorites? Honestly, I like all of them, but numbers two, three, five, and six really caught my eye. Monday, here I come!

Me on Monday (Source)
Hooray for Diffendoofer Day
Going along with the standardized testing theme, today I'm reading my students Dr. Seuss's Hooray for Diffendoofer Day. The teachers of Diffendoofer do things a little bit differently. Instead of teaching to the test, they teach students how to think. And while the principal is worried that his school is going to receive the lowest scores, resulting in his students being sent to dreary Flobbertown. His school ends up receiving the highest test scores, and more than anything, I hope this book serves as a source of encouragement for my students as they take on the dreaded STAAR exam. Maybe they're feeling nervous, but they have worked so incredibly hard this year, and I hope they know that I've got all the confidence in the world in them.

The Girl on the Train
I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago on the blog, and I finally got around to starting it last Thursday while still on spring break. And, instead of doing absolutely anything school-related, I finished it this past Monday. And while I was a little bit confused at first as to who the narrator was - Spoiler alert! There's three of them - this is one thriller of a book. It's been compared to Gone Girl, which you guys know I absolutely could not put down. This book turned out to be much of the same. The three narrators are positively psychotic, each in their own way, and their hidden secrets and bizarre motives completely draw you into the novel. Toward the end it became more clear to me what was happening and who was the *most* guilty, but this book is a must-read for any of you who enjoy a good mystery and suspense novel.

Nike Dri-Fit Touch Breeze
As I mentioned earlier, tomorrow I will be running my eighth half marathon. And I will not be making the same mistake that I did when I ran the Austin Half Marathon. There is absolutely no way I will be running that race in anything but a tank top and shorts. And while I love Lululemon just as much as the next girl, their tank tops just don't do it for me. I much prefer loose-fitting clothing, as I, and I have mentioned this before, am a sweater. So, it was my spring break goal to find a loose-fitting tank top that I could wear as I ran through the Texas Hill Country. And this tank top absolutely fit the bill. It's loose, it's comfortable, it's a little bit see-through, but you can wear a fun-colored sports bra underneath, and even better than that, it's on sale online. I ordered it in pink, just to see if I would like it, but I am absolutely ordering it in other colors. Good or bad quality of mine? You decide.

Harry Potter Uptown Funk
Someone shared this video on Facebook, and I was laughing throughout the entire thing. I already like the song Uptown Funk - it's catchy, and you can't help but sing along. And you guys know I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, so this was bound to be a match made in heaven. This video isn't what you first think of when you think Harry Potter, in fact, it features the biggest enemy - Voldemort - and his fellow Death Eaters. If you don't know what I am talking about, stop reading this blog and pick up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. You'll fly through it, promise. Anyway, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you're sure to enjoy this video. My favorite line is "Fill my goblet, put some fire in it," but really, the makers of this video are extremely clever!

Adios, mis amigos, and I will talk to y'all after I run a casual 13.1 miles. Have a great Friday!

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