Friday, March 6, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday XXIV

And we made it to Friday. Phew. I feel as though it’s been a longer week than usual because I really laid into my kids about the importance of these next three (now two) school weeks. I made it very clear to my students that if they are going to goof off and distract the rest of the class, they can spend the rest of the class sitting with their assistant principal. There is too much material left to be covered and reiterated for one or two students to be distracting the entire class. And I think some of them took it seriously, considering I wrote up F O U R students in one day. I mean business, and when they won’t listen to me, they will listen to their AP. Or not, but that’s an even bigger issue.

To BRIGHTEN up your Friday
Moving on to more positive things, let’s get this Friday started with another rendition of Things I’m Loving Friday.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
I briefly mentioned that my uncle gifted me this book for my 23rd birthday, and I just recently started reading it. It is another one of those easy reads, but it is absolutely hilarious. I feel as though it is perfect for someone like me who is in her early 20’s, but bridging the gap between dependent college student and independent young adult. Mindy plays that “Girl Next Door” role well, and she hilariously and honestly takes us with her on a very relatable journey through different stages of her life.

Full House
I often join my parents as they play one another in Wheel of Fortune, but they often have something else scheduled after that. Grey’s Anatomy, Blue Bloods, or occasionally My 600 Pound Life. Yeah, I take that as my cue to head to the MAC. But one show that I grew up watching, literally, I grew up with MK&A, and one that will never get old, is Full House. Just try and tell me that you didn’t wish you were a part of the Tanner family? Full of valuablelife lessons and unforgettable catchphrases (HOW RUDE!), I love reverting back to my childhood for that little bit of time each evening (or the occasional evening is probably more accurate), and having some “Aww” moments along the way.
How 90's is this photo? (Source)
Girl Scout Cookie Desserts
You only thought they were a danger to your waistline. That is, until you learned these cookies could be made into a decadent dessert. When I saw this blog, titled “75 Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Recipes,” I knew it was calling my name. I used to be a Girl Scout myself, you know. I even sold the most cookies out of my entire troop one year. But I digress. Our JV volleyball coach has a daughter who is selling cookies, therefore, she is selling cookies. I had resisted buying them for so long, but after reading this article, it was no longer meant to be. So, I created these Mini Caramel DeLite Cheesecakes, according to this recipe. I wanted to share them with my English I team, as stress levels seem to be running a bit high these days. I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn and say that they were a hit. And as a total sidenote, I have a little bit of animosity towards those who call Caramel DeLites “Samoas,” Peanut Butter Patties “Tagalongs,” and Peanut Butter Sandwiches “Do-Si-Do’s.” I know it has to do with where you live and which cookie comply supplies your region, but still. Houston forever.
Using this picture because it's much prettier than mine (Source)
Prank With a Twist
Here’s a little something to warm your heart on this chilly Friday. Now, many senior classes pull a prank, as a way of leaving a mark on their school before graduation. Most of them are more funny than dangerous, but this one is a prank with a little bit of a twist. When a student handed the principal at a Kansas high school a bucket and told him to hold it, this principal was rightfully skeptical. However, students surprised him by dropping note after note after note into the bucket. And every single note was a note of encouragement or thanks or praise. They ranged from general to personal, and this principal said these notes are “better than a paycheck.” I would have to agree with him. What a cool way to be rewarded for all of the hard work you have put in over the years. As a reminder more to myself than anyone reading this, it does not go unnoticed.
Honey I'm Good
I may be late to the game on this one, but I love this song. Not only is it extremely catchy, but it has a message that is a breath of fresh air. It is so common for famous people - and normal people, really - to be tempted by their young and good-looking admirers while on the road. They're out there, and there's just no denying it. But to see couples who have been together, anywhere from a few months to 70 years, it reminds you that "there's something really special about staying together." I must warn you - this song will get stuck in your head.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Fingers crossed my shin feels good enough to get in a run this weekend. I’ll surely keep you guys posted. Have a great one! 

*Edit - I just realized I've actually been in the real world for SEVEN months. Whoops. See this post. Good thing I added one more for good measure!

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