Tuesday, March 31, 2015

20-Minute Upper Body Circuit

Happy Tuesday! I'm only briefly checking in, as I truly don't have much to report on my end. Today was spent organizing, throwing away (!!!) STAAR-related materials that I will no longer need, and allowing my students to catch up on any missing work. Because the six-weeks ends this Thursday, and we haven't had a lot of extra assignments these past couple of weeks due to STAAR prep, I'm letting them have this one day to make up or correct any missing assignments. The end of the six-weeks kind of snuck up on us, and I want to at least have given my kids an opportunity to raise their grades. Then it's on them for not taking advantage of the time I gave them.

And before I head out for a rollerblading session, here's a quick 20-minute, tops, upper body circuit I have for you guys. I completed each set three times before moving onto the next set. I've got to get more regular with this, and maybe I'll actually start to see some results!

It's a good one! And have a great rest of your Tuesday!

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