Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lasts Survey

Okay, how is it the last Sunday of March? Where in the world has the time gone? I apologize for not checking back in with you guys yesterday after my half marathon, but I was movin' and groovin' ever since my mom and I made it home from Lost Pines. Well, not really, considering I went up to the MAC and tanned by the pool for about an hour, but after that, I was out and about running all kinds of errands. And when I got home, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch March Madness.

So, let's back up a little bit. My mom and I arrived at Lost Pines right around 6:30pm. We checked into our room, made ourselves comfortable, and while my mom turned on basketball, I walked around the grounds a little bit. Though I have been to Lost Pines before, I wanted to check out the starting and finish line, and just spend some time outside, as it was a beautiful evening.

The race wasn't scheduled to start until 7:30am, and because I was literally three minutes away from the starting line, I didn't have to wake up until just after 6:00am. That's later than when I wake up for school! So though it was still early, it was later than I usually wake up, both on a school day and on a race day, so I can't even complain about the early hour. It was a crisp, cool morning, and while I was a little chilly at first in just shorts and a tank top, that outfit proved to be just perfect during the race.

This race, y'all, was one of my favorites. I know, I say that after every race, but I couldn't have picked a better day for a 13.1 mile run. Though I'd venture to say the hills are even more prevalent than they are in Austin, something was so different about this race. I didn't start questioning my thought process until mile 11, but at this point I was weaving through the golf course, feeling as though I was at my grandfather's old house in Indian Wells, California. Somehow I made it to the finish line. And while it wasn't my fastest half marathon, finishing a very hilly course in under two hours, after taking almost three weeks off from running, is not something to scoff at. And, I finished 3rd in my age group! I give all the credit to KT Tape for getting me through this one!

Zooma truly puts on a great race, and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it. I love running the huge, popular races, but I also really enjoyed running this smaller, more intimate race. It never felt crowded, and I ran with some of the same women throughout the entire race. Zooma, you did your Texas race well, and I am already checking out the other Zooma race destinations. And Lost Pines, you hosted wonderfully, and I am already itching for a return trip. You exude "Texas" with your very real longhorns and abundance of bluebonnets, and I thoroughly enjoyed my 13 hilly miles.

Last food you ate:
A couple of cuties. I go through those things like crazy these days!

Last beverage you drank:
Water, of course! I don’t like soft drinks, or juice, really, so if it’s not a glass of wine or a fruity cocktail, it’s surely just water.

Last workout you did:
Yesterday’s half marathon. Does that count as a workout? And I’ll probably find the time today to squeeze in a short swim, as it will not only stretch out my sore muscles, but it will also get my mind off of tomorrow. Which we won’t even go into right now.

Last thing you pinned:
Ha, I feel like I’m being called out on this one, because, whoops, I probably spend too much time on Pinterest, but the last thing I pinned was a picture of the cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany. Wanderlust.


Last blog you visited:
I actually hadn't consciously visited a blog recently, but this question inspired me to pay a visit to Julie's blog, Peanut Butter Fingers

Last tweet you sent: 
I retweeted this photo of Dwight Howard, James Harden, and Kevin McHale laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. I have been to this tomb, and it is extremely moving. So, to see some of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen paying this tribute to the soldiers who have fought for our country.

Last place you visited:
Bastrop? Is that even considered a vacation? I kind of feel like it is because we stayed at Lost Pines Resort, which, if you haven’t been, rocks. But in less than two weeks I’ll be exploring San Francisco like a local with four of my best friends. And I cannot waiiiiiit!

Last time you did ab work:
I actually can’t remember the last time I did concentrated ab work, but I have incorporated core exercises into both this circuit workout and this circuit workout.

Last show you watched:
Does March Madness count as a show? Because that’s what was on TV all of yesterday. And I don't hate it.

Unfortunately, I had Arizona in my Final Four (Source)
Last thing you baked:
I baked some chewy chocolate chunk cookies last Sunday evening, just because I was in complete denial about the fact that I had to go back to school after a week of total relaxation. My parents enjoyed that procrastination strategy!

Last thing you Instagrammed:
A picture of me crossing the finish line of yesterday's half marathon. Shout out to my mom's iPhone 3 for capturing this gem.

Last item on your to-do list today:
Watch Duke make it to the Final Four. Go Blue Devils!

Have a great Sunday! I'll see you guys once I am F-R-E-E from the wrath of the STAAR test. Say an extra prayer for my kiddos, because Lord knows they need it!

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