Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Change of Plans

Hump Day! How it's already Wednesday is beyond me, but I'll roll with it. I spent much of today sitting down with my pull-out map of New York City and mapping out all of the sights, places, and restaurants I have on my New York City To-Do List. Okay, I spent about 30 minutes on it before heading to the pool to tan. But I'm really not familiar with the city at all, and while I am not going to plan out every minute, rather, I am going to see where the city takes me, I want to have some of my bearings about me. It's all about maximizing the time I've got. Besides, I'm well aware that I will be a tourist, but I don't want to scream tourist. I can be a New Yorker. Though the non-New York accent might give me away.


This week, we're back to the old tried and true breakfast of scrambled egg whites and spinach. A grocery store trip has been on my list for a couple of days now, but I just don't have it in me to sit down, make a list, and then execute said list. I've gone with some old favorites this week instead of being adventurous and trying something new. Next week is my week. I promise.


I was beginning to think we were never going to have a full day of sun around here, but when I woke up and checked the weather on my phone, I was pumped to see sunshine nearly ALL DAY LONG! I knew a long swim would be in the books for today, and then I plopped myself down on a lawn chair and pulled out my most recent read - Jon Krakauer's Missoula. It's quite an intense read, and really unlike anything I've read before, but I saw it on display at Barnes & Noble when buying a Father's Day present for my dad, and since my Kindle officially tapped out on me while I was in Cozumel, I plucked this one off the shelves. Krakeuer's Into the Wild is on my summer reading list, but if I don't get to that one, I figure another book by the same author fits the bill just fine. My list, my rules.


After slicing through the pool, and then sweating my way through my book, I was more than ready for lunch. Not wanting to whip up anything too complicated, because I was pretty hungry right then, I settled on an old favorite - my dairy-free vegetable-filled pizza. I've actually shared this recipe on the blog before, what feels like many moons ago, but I'll be sure and share an updated recipe for those who might want to recreate this deliciousness. Full of veggies, and I would have added dairy-free cheese had I been in possession of it, this pizza is really whatever you want it to be. It absolutely hit the spot, and I have a feeling this will be making a regular appearance in my diet this summer. It makes for a most perfect lunch, and though I haven't yet been, I think I give the custom pizzas at Mod Pizza a run for their money.

Chevron Houston Marathon

Remember this post from a couple of months ago? That announced I was planning to run my very first marathon in 2016? Well, I am still planning on running a marathon in 2016, but I'm moving my run date up about six weeks. Instead of running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon for the second year in a row, I am going to be running in the Chevron Houston Marathon. That's right - 26.2 miles through my beloved city. This was actually the dream all along, but I worried that between the start of school and volleyball season, I wouldn't have time to adequately train. Because if I'm going to run a marathon, I'm going to do it right. Or at least to the best of my ability. And that means not stepping up to the starting line feeling as though I could have prepared better.

When I first announced my decision to run a marathon, I received more than a few comments encouraging me to either get a running buddy or to join a running group. I went with the latter, because while I love running for the alone time I get, I know that I'm going to need the camaraderie and motivation that comes from running with a group. You are a special person if you can get out there and run 20+ miles all on your own. Because nine miles is about all you will be able to squeeze out of me. And that's why I am now an official member of Houston Fit. Their winter season begins on July 11th, and it lasts 26 weeks until, you guessed it, the Chevron Houston Marathon. I was going to join a running group regardless of the race I ran, but because this one culminates with the Houston race, I figure, what the heck. This race is preferable for a number of reasons - the time of year being my number one concern. The Woodlands Marathon takes place in March, which is a risky time in Texas. Really, any time of year in Texas is risky, but at least there's a greater chance of having cooler weather in January. I may be absolutely freezing at the start of a race, but it takes me all of .25 seconds to start sweating once I've started running. So a January run is right up my alley.

After running - and loving - the Aramco Houston Half, I could not be more excited to be doubling that distance as a participant in the Chevron Houston Full. Am I nervous? Of course! Whenever I cross the finish line of a half marathon, I am always thankful that I don't have to run yet another 13 miles. Well, it looks like I'm going to be one of those crazy people this time, because 26.2 miles seem to be calling my name. And what better place to do it than the city in which I grew up? I've grown up knowing and watching and dreaming of this marathon, so to finally be one of those runners is a dream come true. Remind me of these happy feelings when I hit a wall at mile 20.

And though I can't officially change my entry until August 1st, I'm counting on the fact that I'll be able to easily make the switch. I spoke with a marathon representative just yesterday, and he assured me that it's as simple as filling out a form, and paying a fee, of course. And once I get going with Houston Fit, I'll be sure to give you guys a full recap. I've only ever heard good things, and I'm not surprised. A whole group of people who love running? Yeah, I can get in on that.

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