Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer To-Do List

Happy Tuesday! To my fellow Houstonians: how much are y'all L O V I N G this sunshine? That's two days in a row, and the forecast continues to look great. Perfect timing, because I wasn't sure I could handle much more of the rain and gloom. I am soaking up every bit of the sunshine and I could not be happier about it. Here's to a sunshine-filled summer!

And speaking of summer, I made myself a little Summer To Do List. I am a big-time list maker. There's not a lot that I love more than the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing something off of a list. Sometimes I even add things to my list after I've already completed them, just so I can cross them off. I know; I need help. But it's not all bad. My daily to-do lists keep me sane, and they keep me organized. I can count on one hand the number of times I have forgotten to do something that I really needed to do. I'm a planner more than I am spontaneous, and my to-do lists certainly cater to that aspect of my personality.

And then sometimes to-do lists can be fun. There isn't one "ugh" thing on this list. That is colorful because what else was I supposed to do those last couple weeks of school?

I am really excited about this summer. My first post-grad summer. I elected to not teach summer school, in favor of rest, relaxation, and doing things that I really want to do. I am coaching some volleyball, I am taking a few vacations (more on New York to come!!! And Jamie Lynn - add a visit to Corpus to this list!), and I plan on exploring the city I've called home for almost my entire life. Believe it or not, there's a lot to be found outside the 7ish mile radius I stayed within during high school. It goes without saying that the restaurant scene is hopping in Houston, and it's really true - the Astros are on a hot streak. It's sad that English teachers have very little time to read during the school year, but I plan on playing catch-up with the time that I have off. I have finished two books already this summer, and I have no doubt that I will read far more than what I have listed above.

This summer is three days old, and it's already shaping up to be a great one. I plan on making the most of every day, even if "the most" includes lounging around reading and watching movies. Because we all need (and deserve!) a couple of days like that. And in addition to all that I plan on doing, there are a couple of things I am not doing. It's no secret that I have a very serious love affair with Anthropologie. And clothes in general, really. I prided myself a little bit on teachers and students telling me that I "dress so well." And while I don't think I have a shopping addiction, by any means, I do watch quite a bit of my paycheck help Anthropologie's cause. And other stores. But mostly Anthropologie. So I'm setting a lofty summer goal for myself. With the exception of two swimsuits, because I haven't purchased a new swimsuit in years and they have been on my list for a while, I am not going to make one clothes-related purchase for two months. Two. As in, August 1st is going to be the first day I allow myself to buy anything new. Not only is this in an effort to save money, it's also in an effort to recognize how much I already have. Because if I were to stop and think about it, do I really need another pair of shorts? Another dress? No. I probably don't. And maybe, just maybe, I should stop and think about budgeting. Because thus far in my "real world" career, I've been pretty frivolous with my money. Maybe frivolous isn't the right word, but I haven't always kept the closest eye on it. I'm hoping to learn a thing or two from this, and then come August 1st, a "back-to-school" shopping spree will be much deserved!

Challenge of the morning:
  • What is the thing (or things, because I'm adding in Kendra Scott to that list) that would be difficult for you to "give up" for a couple of months?

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