Monday, June 22, 2015

RIDE Indoor Cycling

Happy Monday! Is that an oxymoron? Well, I'm here to change that! And if this post doesn't lift your spirits, Monday is almost over, anyway. My Monday was definitely a happy one, but I'll get to today in a minute. Let's get this past weekend out of the way.

I briefly mentioned a rollerblading stint. If you've been around for awhile, you know that I love rollerblading. Amira is my rollerblading partner in crime, and we decided to take advantage of the sunshine, hitting the Buffalo Bayou for an afternoon blade session.

We were cruising along just fine for about an hour, and we were almost back at the car when we hit a little bump in the road. We actually started off on a cautious note, walking down the side of a slight downhill, because we didn't want to go flying out of control, lose our balance, and fall face first into the asphalt. I'm sure you can guess where this is going. We thought the downhill had leveled out, so we got back on the road. We had spoken too soon. We went flying down the remainder of the hill, and in all honesty, we would have been fine had it not been for the patch of dirt that had hardened as a result of all the rain we've been experiencing lately. Our blades just couldn't handle that one. Amira went down first, and as I was asking her if she was okay, and she was turning around to warn me, I went crashing down to the ground as well. Aside from a badly scraped forearm and a couple of bruises on my end, and a scraped upper arm for Amira, we were totally fine. In fact, we were laughing so hard at our current state that it probably sounded as though we were crying. Our front sides were covered in dirt, our palms were a little sore, and we were both bleeding, but no bones were broken, nor were any teeth knocked out. So no real harm done. Plus, it's a metaphor for life because sometimes you fall and you have to get right back up again.

And then sometimes you realize you're 23 years old and one, you still rollerblade, and two, you still fall when you rollerblade. We decided that next time we might whip out our old volleyball kneepads as a means of protecting our elbows and our knees. But then again, a little battle wound never hurt anyone.

Surprisingly, this photo makes it look much better
RIDE Houston

Have I got a workout for you guys to check out. Houstonians, Austinites - this one applies to you guys specifically, but there are cycling workouts like this all over the nation.

I used to be an avid spin class attendee. I attended multiple classes a week, and I was in total cycling shape. I'm actually even certified to teach. And then volleyball season happened. And my first year of teaching happened. And running took the front seat, while spin classes sort of slipped off my radar. And as the time between my last spin class got longer and longer, I became intimidated by the idea of attending a spin class, because I feared I wouldn't be able to keep up. Which is silly because when all is said and done, it's your workout and nobody elses, and it really doesn't matter if every other class attendee is a seasoned pro. And that was all the motivation I needed to sign up for my first RIDE Indoor Cycling class.

Simply put, this class was a party on a bike. I'm not sure that I can ever go back to a "regular" spin class after taking one like this. Let me explain. I've heard about these kinds of spin classes, and I often turned up my nose at them. Was this type of class really going to give me a good workout? In short, the answer is YES. 

Because this was my first class, I got to try it out for free. I not only reserved a spot in the class ahead of time, but I also reserved my very own bike. And because this was my first class, I was also given a pair of rental cycling shoes free of charge. Let me jump in and say that though cycling has always been a part of my workout regimen, I have never before worn the real deal cycling shoes. So I was a little nervous on that front, but I absolutely loved them. If this type of class were to become a regular part of my workout routine - aka when I marry rich and can afford to pay $22 per class -  I would absolutely invest in a pair of my own. They clip into the pedals and I honestly felt as though pedaling was easier than it is when I don't wear cycling shoes. Actually, the benefits of wearing cycling shoes are numerous, though I will admit that I did have a hard time unclipping the first time around!

I'm speaking for the Houston studio here, but I was immediately impressed upon walking through the doors of the big orange building. The studio was clean, the staff at the front desk was pleasant and helpful, and Will, my instructor, was awesome. I feel as though the instructor could make or break this type of class, and luckily, mine made it. For those of you who are unfamiliar, RIDE is a BPM class, meaning you pedal to the beat of the music. The entire class was very fast-paced, and you do a lot of pumps, tap backs, and push-ups. I really enjoyed that because it took my mind off of how hard my legs were spinning. You will also find a small set of weights upon saddling your bike, and much like those Pure Barre classes I got hooked on last summer, those small weights are nothing to scoff at. My arms were burning after using them throughout the course of one song, and I was only using two pounders! I most definitely felt the burn.

Party Will (Source)
I found myself smiling and grooving, and shocked when the instructor said class was over. The 45 minutes absolutely flew by (as much as I hate love Felipe's spin classes, they do not ly by), and I truly don't have enough good things to say. Dylan is absolutely right in labeling it a rave. RIDE, I am officially hooked. If only it wasn't so expensive, I'd be a regular. But I do see myself dropping in from time-to-time when I need a break from running. And what's better is that if you don't cancel your reservation in time, you end up paying for the class whether you're there or not. So it's a near-guaranteed sweat session. And trust me, this is one you won't want to miss. For any of you exercise skeptics, I highly suggest giving RIDE a shot. It puts the fun back in exercise. And it's an excellent calorie-burn to boot.

And if my experience at RIDE was this much fun, I can't wait to see what a SoulCycle class holds!

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  1. All class packages and memberships are valid on both cycling and yoga classes. We currently offer classes in both the morning and the evening Spinning.