Monday, June 1, 2015

Twenty Minute Express Workout

Happy Monday! And happy first day of June! Today I am feeling extra grateful because, one, HISD seems to be the only school district that is out for summer, and two, today feels like the first real day of summer, as Saturday and Sunday were spent over at Rice University playing student. Though juggling two weeks of preseason volleyball with two weeks of inservice was one of the more stressful couple of weeks, it's worth it to get out of school before it hits June. Besides, I'm already at school for practice anyway, so I might as well just make it an all-day affair, right? And though it was a struggle for me to sit still for as many hours as I did, I truly enjoyed my time at the Art of Coaching Volleyball Houston clinic.

And segwaying off of that, I've got a workout to share with you guys. I didn't leave Rice until about 5:00pm on Saturday evening. And I won't even talk about the ten minutes I spent sprinting through another one of Houston's torrential downpours. But after sitting in the same spot nearly all day, I knew I wanted to get some sort of physical activity in. But I was pretty worn out after an all-day session. Which is beyond me, because the only thing that moved was my hand when I was taking notes, but I digress. After heading home to change into dry clothes, I headed up the road to the MAC to get in a quick circuit workout. Twenty minutes is all I needed to get in a little bit of everything - cardio, core work, upper body, and lower body. I simply completed each exercise for one minute, and I did four rounds of the circuit. You could increase the number of rounds for a longer workout, you could change up the exercises to focus more or less on one area, and really, you can make this workout your own. I certainly felt it the next day, and this could be a workout that you do when you're pressed for time, but want to squeeze in some form of physical activity. It also makes for a nice travel workout, and you could easily change up the exercises so that no equipment is needed. Burpees for the jump rope, tricep dips for the bicep curls - the possibilities are endless.

And that's all I've got! I'm off to make these first couple weeks of summer productive ones. Here's to not getting lazy and spending much of my days on the couch. Have a great one!

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