Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And I'm Back

.. in Austin for the next four days, finishing up work at SRD, and officially making the move into my new house. My seven other roommates have all moved in, though not all are currently living there, and I am the last one to make the move! I have transferred quite a bit of stuff from both SRD and my house in Houston to my new house, but it still doesn't quite feel like a home, at least to me, because my room currently has two beds and about 5983497 boxes scattered around the room. Our room will look precious once it is all done - I will feature a little room tour on the blog in a few weeks - but for now, it feels somewhat like a guest room. That will quickly change, as Sarah and I have some cute ideas up our sleeves!
Sarah's bed (left) and my bed (right)
I made myself get up this morning around 7:15am so that I could finish packing, load up my car, get in a quick workout, and head on down the road back to Austin. I went to bed last night with intentions of going to my favorite 9am spin class taught by Felipe. I get excited every time I am in town on a Wednesday morning because his spin class is by far the toughest exercise class I have ever taken, and though I silently curse Felipe during the class, I walk away (with much shakier legs) glad he caused me to push myself harder than I would have on my own. However, his class is always very crowded and you have to get there pretty early in order to get a spot in the class, and I just wasn't feeling it this morning. Though I am sure I would have been glad I went, I opted for a nice 40-minute swim instead. I hadn't been swimming since last Friday, so it felt great to get in a low-impact total-body workout.

I also put myself through a pretty intense cardio-session yesterday, so a grueling spin session was not really what I had in mind. I almost skipped my workout altogether, but since I am going to be sitting for almost 10 hours today, I knew I would have regretted it, so I dragged myself to the gym and ended up swimming for longer than I originally anticipated. It's true, you never regret a workout.
I took the idea from PBFingers, but added my own special flare!
After a pleasant drive to Austin, I stopped by SRD for a delicious shrimp and broccoli lunch before popping on over to my house (which is looking so cute, by the way) to drop some things off. I can't wait to be officially living there with all of my roomies, they are the best. Case in point: I walked into the study room and saw my desk already set up and ready to be used. I am so thankful for them!
I'm going to miss this!
Now I am holding down the SRD front office until 10pm before spending my first night in my new house! Can't wait!

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