Friday, June 27, 2014

Teacher Survival Kit

And I am back with another post today - I'm trying to make up for the lost couple of days this month.


My body is pretty worn out from this week, so the only thing I could fathom today was a nice walk around Town Lake. I love walking, and it's been a while since I've gotten to do that, so it was the perfect form of Friday exercise.


This one isn't going to come as a huge surprise. Sorry! But on the bright side, I didn't post about it all week, so you guys were probably getting a little worried that I had changed things up on y'all. Fear not, I haven't!

Teacher Survival Kit

While perusing Pinterest during one of my many hours at SRD, I came across the idea for a "Teacher Survival Kit," and while we were presented with something similar at our UTeach graduation breakfast, that kit leans more on the classroom supply side. My survival kit contains some personal necessities.

I made one of these for my roommate Jamie Lynn and myself, as we have celebrated, complained, and helped one another out these past two years on this journey to becoming a teacher. My roommate Sarah is also going to be a teacher, and I'm going to have to surprise her with one of these in the mail, so hopefully she's not reading this post! Anyway, I got all of these products from Target and Bath and Body Works (they could all be found at Target, I just had to go to Bath and Body Works for a couple of other items). So, without further ado, here is what I included in my Teacher Survival Kit:

1. Mini Lint Roller: For the days when your sweater is shedding, and you just don't have time to change (this may or may not have happened to me this past semester).
2. Hand Sanitizer: Seeing and interacting with 150+ high school students every day? I think this one speaks for itself.
3. Breath Mints: For the days you eat something a little bit smelly for lunch.
4. Luna Bar: When hunger strikes and it's not yet lunch time, or you are staying late after school for a meeting, here is a snack that is both healthy and delicious.
5. EOS Lip Balm: Because this lip balm is just fun, and after talking all day, our lips might need a little pick-me-up.
6. Hand Lotion: You'd be surprised how badly your hands need lotion when you're flipping through papers all day.
7. Floss: Celery and apples are notorious for getting stuck in your teeth, and those are two staples in my diet.
8. Tide-To-Go Pen: Ever spill something on your shirt? Have no fear, with Tide-To-Go, you will not have to be embarrassed standing at the front of the room.
9. Mini Deodorant: To keep you smelling fresh during a long day of teaching.
10. Puffs Tissues: When the Kleenex boxes at the front of the room suddenly vanish, you have your own personal supply of tissues.
11. Halls: When talking all day causes your throat to itch. 
12. Advil: Again, we are interacting with 150+ high schoolers every single day. Headaches are inevitable.
13. Disinfectant Spray: I just realized that many of the items in this kit deal with staying healthy. During my internship semester I caught a couple of bad colds, and there is just no time to slow down and get sick. It can't hurt to spray down door handles, especially during flu season!

I have loved slowly but surely getting materials together for my classroom. It makes it all a little bit more real. I also recently ordered a few posters to hang on my wall, so I'll be sure to share them with you guys when I get them in the mail! Have a fabulous Friday - I'll be back tomorrow with a review of another item soon to be crossed off the list!


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