Friday, June 6, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday VI

Happy, happy Friday! It's been a crazy week with this being my first week back at work, as well as a mid-week trip to Houston, and just not getting quite enough sleep. Luckily, I have a pretty low-key weekend in the books, so hopefully I can spend some time relaxing and maybe getting a head start on that summer reading.

I’ve talked about MayBooks on the blog before, and I was sitting down to put some dates in my calendar when I noticed that June is the last calendar month of my current MayBook. I loved the way this one was set up, and I also love the ability to make it your very own design. After much deliberation, I decided on the Bike Ride Mint planner under the Trend Setter category. When I arrived back in Austin, my planner was there waiting for me, and I immediately starting putting important dates into it like the Type A human that I am. I think it will be perfect for my first year of teaching!

Texas Baseball
Today marks the first day of the Super Regional that will hopefully send our Longhorn baseball team to the College World Series. We beat our longtime rival, Texas A&M University, this past weekend in order to advance to the Super Regional, and the victory was made even sweeter after the A&M pitcher fired a horns down sign to a dejected Longhorn bench after the loss on Sunday night. Rookie mistake, and it just fired our team up all the more. The victory over A&M advances us to our ninth Super Regional since 2000, and I would love to see our team play in Omaha next weekend.

You have probably heard of (or at least wondered about the pronunciation) the popular superfood quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah), and have wondered what all the craze is about. Many people use it as a replacement for rice, myself included, but it isn't actually a grain. It belongs to the spinach and beet family. It is a complete protein, and it is also a good source of magnesium, calcium, and iron - no wonder it's considered a superfood! I have recently been really into salads with quinoa in them, and quinoa is such a versatile superfood that can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out this list of the 50 best quinoa recipes.

I can't tell you how many times AAA has come to my rescue. You know how people get Starbucks Gold Cards after a certain number of trips? Well, I feel that way about AAA. I am constantly locking myself out of my car, losing my car keys, or needing some sort of towing service. I will forever be grateful for their quick service, and the way they have helped me out of every mess I have gotten myself into. 

Taza Chocolate
You guys are probably tired of hearing about my lactose intolerancy (word?), but here I am talking about it again. You guys have also probably learned that I am a big-time chocolate fan. And those are two things that don't usually mix. Taza Chocolate is the perfect solution to that problem. It is Mexican-inspired, stone-ground organic chocolate that comes in a plethora of flavors. The Chocolate Mexicano Discs are my very favorite (mainly because they're the only things I've tried), but I highly recommend them, lactose intolerant or not!

Have a wonderful Friday! I plan on squeezing in an afternoon swim, and then taking some of my YoungLife girls to see The Fault In Our Stars. The perfect remedy for a crazy week!

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