Monday, June 30, 2014

Survey (Monday) Sunday

Sometimes I get so busy and/or content doing the things I have promised to blog about that I just forget (or rather, push it to the back of my mind) to blog. My most sincere apologies, and though yesterday was a rather ordinary day filled with church, a delicious lunch at Matt's El Rancho, baking, and a little bit of basketball, I was enjoying myself far too much to pull out my computer. These things happen, but no worries, I am back after one sweet weekend with a little bit of Survey Sunday action. This one is fitness-related, as I am sure comes as no surprise, so enjoy this short and sweet seven-question survey.

1. Do you have a fitness board on Pinterest? Share it.
I sure do. And I have far more pins than I even know what to do with. But occasionally I will use one of my pins to create a treadmill or strength workout.

2. What is your go to place for fitness questions? (friend, blog, website)
I usually just ask Dylan – the most knowledgeable fitness guru I know.

3. What do you do to workout when the weather outside is too cold, snowy, or icy?
Normally I would say that this isn’t a problem in Texas, but there were many a day this past semester when I spent 10+ minutes scraping ice off of my windshield so that I could make the 5-minute drive to the gym. Luckily the weather wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t survive that short drive, but if I lived somewhere where it was more unbearable, I would likely whip out a Jillian Michaels (despite any of the controversy that may surround her, she does provide a great workout) workout DVD that I could do at home.

4. Latest song(s) added to your playlist?
5. Share a link to your favorite healthy recipe.
Right now I am just loving Aidells Chicken & Apple Chicken Sausage cooked up with zucchini, squash, and asparagus.  Yum! For a link to the recipe, click here.

6. What’s your favorite fitness app?
I think the only fitness-related app I have downloaded on my iPhone is the Nike+ app, and that’s because I had to use it to upload my results from a virtual 10K I did one Saturday. I much prefer using my Garmin Forerunner to track my runs.

7. Share a picture of a recent workout.

A walk at Town Lake - my very favorite
And with that, I'm off to finish off my shift at the desk and squeeze in a swim at Gregory before crossing a few things off of my never-ending to-do list! Have a great one!

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