Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ordinary Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! My days have felt very, very long due to this AP Summer Institute, but I am gaining lots of valuable information (and handouts!!!), so though the last hour and 45 minutes are pretty grueling - among all of the other things I have learned these past two days, I have learned that I am not meant to sit behind a desk all day - I know that it will be very beneficial, as it has certainly proven to be already. And I will appreciate it far more when it is over, and I am looking back on it, as tends to be the case with these types of things.

So, let's start right in with some regularly scheduled events. 


One of the perks of attending this conference is the complimentary lunch we receive. Each day has a different hot meal, but you always have the option to build your own salad from the salad bar. I have taken advantage of that option both yesterday and today, and they have hit the spot both days - who knew sitting in a classroom for four hours would cause your stomach to eat itself?

A bowl of soup is also included with your meal, and though I got a bowl of soup to eat with my salad in an attempt to warm myself up after sitting in a freezing cold classroom all morning, I quickly pushed it away when I found a hair in it. Thankfully I had a few snacks back up in the room, so it wasn't too tragic.


Lately, I have been very into alternating my daily workouts - swimming one day, with a spin class the next. This often happens to me in the summertime when it feels too hot to run, and then I pick back up with running during the school year. I've decided to just go with it, because my half marathon training will creep up on my soon enough! Anyway, I went to the gym straight after the conclusion of today's session, and walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes while reading before my 5:45pm spin class. Though I consistently drown in a pool of my own sweat at the end of Thomas' spin classes, I really enjoy them. One, because he always plays Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, which used to be my jam, and two, because I know I'm getting in a good workout in just about 45 minutes. Quick and effective, just the way I like it.

One of the things I liked about tonight's class, and really every other class that I've been to of his, is this sequence. He divided the class into two teams - Team One and Team Two. Team One would speed up their movement for 30 seconds, while Team Two took that time to rest. We went through four rounds that looked like this:
  • 30 seconds seated
  • 15 seconds seated, 15 seconds standing
  • 15 seconds standing, 15 seconds seated
  • 30 seconds standing - increasing your speed every 10 seconds
It's tough, but it's just enough speed alternated with just enough rest. An excellent workout if I do say so myself. Now I plan on parking it on the couch and catching up on a little blogging (obviously), and putting together some things for my future classroom. The first day of school is too quickly approaching, and I need to make sure my classroom has a very welcoming feel to it. Have a great evening!

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