Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Baaaack

I apologize for my true Survey Sunday absence, but I am back in action, and here is a traditional dosage of Survey Sunday for you!

Favorite food to crunch? Popcorn, or Pop Chips!
Favorite comfort food? Chili.

Favorite picnic lunch? Picnics remind me of the Fourth of July, so I'll go with hamburgers and watermelon.
Best summer snack? Watermelon.
Favorite winter snack? There's not a snack that just screams "winter" at me, but I guess cinnamon sugar pecans are a wintery indulgence.
Food that reminds me of the ocean? Subway sandwiches - every time I go to Galveston, I always stop at the Subway right by the beach to pick up a sandwich to eat for lunch.
Most likely to eat for lunch? Dairy-free pizza - had it today, in fact!

Least likely to eat for lunch? Pasta - it just makes me feel sluggish for the rest of the day.
Food that makes me gag? Tuna. I was forced to eat tuna when I went on Wilderness the summer before my senior year and I just about cried while eating it, practically begging my friends to finish it for me in exchange for their dessert (because that's a fair trade). I know, dramatic, but I REALLY don't like it.
Food tradition I love? I don't know if I have any "food traditions," other than snapping a picture of it!
Soup or salad? Soup. Unless it's a Wildfield salad from La Madeleine.

Favorite breakfast food? I love almost all breakfast food, but my current go-to is scrambled egg whites and spinach with salsa.

Favorite ethnic cuisine? Mediterranean, Spanish, or Mexican.
Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate.

Favorite type of chocolate? Dark Chocolate.
Favorite beverage? I'm going to be boring on this one and say water. I know I'm 21 and all, but I haven't tried enough alcoholic beverages to have a favorite quite yet!

Smooth or crunchy peanut butter? Crunchy, for sure. Unless I'm going to spread it on toast. Smooth peanut butter spreads so much more easily!

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I feel like I should be doing something to celebrate, as I do have a bit of Irish running through my blood, but, I am not. Oh well! Maybe one day I'll be in Ireland to celebrate!

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