Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springs Back Triathlon

The triathlon that wasn't. There was a whole slew of things that prevented me from doing this race - it just wasn't meant to be. On Wednesday evening, I received an email from the director of the event saying the temperature of the water after the final temperature check was 49.5 degrees, making the swim a no-go. To compensate for the loss of the swim, one mile was going to be added to the run. I was bummed, because the swimming is my favorite part, but I'd rather not suffer from hypothermia.

The race was scheduled to begin at 7:00am, and since the race site was a good 30 minute drive from where I live, I set my alarm for 5:30am. So with the time change, it felt like 4:30am. I got up and got dressed quickly before preparing my breakfast. I popped two pieces of wheat bread in the toaster, covered them with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon. This is easily one of my favorite breakfasts, and it is my go-to race breakfast, so I knew it wouldn't disappoint me.

After a quick breakfast, I left my house a couple minutes before 6:00am, arriving at Cross Creek Ranch at just about 6:30am. I got my timing chip, got marked up, set my bike up in the transition station, and filled up my water bottle when the director of the event made an announcement that, because it was raining and the roads were starting to get slick, they were going to wait 30 minutes before deciding whether or not the bike portion would happen. So, it was possible that I would have been left running just a 5K. I had already spent about 30 minutes standing around in the rain, and I was not about to spend 30 minutes more, so I made the decision to nix the race altogether and head back to my part of town. I'm happy with that decision because the wind and rain started picking up shortly after I left, and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, so I'm not sure how enjoyable a race it would have been. There's always another opportunity to complete a triathlon! In fact, I just registered for this one! Sign up and do it with me!

Since my original plans were thwarted, and I was already wearing my super cute bike shorts, I decided to hit the MAC for a tough interval spin class. It was a great workout, so I felt even better about my decision to skip out on the tri. After spin class, I headed upstairs to complete a quick all-over, no-weights-needed workout that I found on Pinterest. I changed it up a bit, but here is what my workout looked like in the end.

It was a good one - burpees never fail to leave me huffing and puffing! And before I sign off, I have to wish a happy 21st birthday to one of my very dedicated readers - Katie Smith! We are in the same small group in Austin, and she has to be one of the funniest people I know! I hope this shout out makes you smile!

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