Friday, February 17, 2012


I knew my blogging streak was too good to be true. Based on my track record from last semester, we all knew that when the going got tough (with school), the blog was neglected. This past week was a little busy for me in terms of school, as are the next three weeks until Spring Break, but I am taking a little Friday break to update my blog, catch up on pinning, and watch some Boy Meets World. It is a dreary, drizzly day, which means it is the perfect day for all three of those activities!

Does the number of alarms I had to set emphasize how tiring my week was?
Valentine's Day

How did y'all spend your day of love? I spent my Valentine's night on a hot date with Mark Twain, but that didn't stop me from participating in the spirit of the day! I wore my Valentine's themed socks (love the Peanuts gang!), my red Phillies shirt, and enjoyed the plethora of sweets that SRD provided for us. SRD really makes the effort to make the holidays special for all of us - it makes me feel like I am at home! Thumbs up for SRD!

Chocolate covered strawberries from Amy's!

Well, the Austin half is in two days and I have officially decided that I am not participating. My back is at about 90% - it barely even hurts anymore - but I haven't run in almost two weeks and it does still hurt every now and then. I figured that probably wasn't the best combination when it came to running thirteen miles, so I decided to forgo it this time around. Oddly enough, I am not too upset about it, I think my body definitely needed a break!

Since I have been unable to run, I have been swimming quite a bit, and really enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we were blessed with this week! Texas really is the best state! Where else can you lay out in the middle of February? I have also been spending a lot of time focusing on weight training, which is a new thing for me because sometimes when I start running a lot, I neglect weight training, and it really is so important!

Nothing like soaking up some rays in February!
Now for the most exciting news..

I received two emails today regarding this coming summer and I could not be more excited! I was OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY accepted into the IES Barcelona Language and Area Studies Program for the first half of Summer 2012. I have three weeks to confirm my pace in the program, plus quite a few forms to fill out and orientations to attend. It's hard to believe that in three short months I will be preparing to live in a different country for six weeks! iEstoy muy emocionada!

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