Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Most Colorful 5K You'll Ever Run

I have already had the greatest weekend and it is still only the beginning. After my shift at the desk yesterday I headed over to campaigners which was awesome, as usual. My co-leaders are incredible and I love seeing the seventh grade girls! They are so crazy but so, so much fun to be around! They always brighten my day!

Ellie - one of my co-leaders with one of our crazy girls!
After battling some Austin traffic, I headed out to dinner at Santa Rita Cantina with two of my good friends from high school - Sam and Alex. I enjoyed my favorite fish tacos, as did Alex. By the looks of our empty plates, I think it is safe to say that we enjoyed them!

They made fun of me for taking this picture!
Sam and I
Sam - bottom left; Alex - middle left
We had a great time sitting outside on the porch for a few hours, reminiscing about our high school days. I really enjoyed myself (and the life advice they gave me) and we hope to make this a monthly thing. Thanks for kicking my birthday weekend off right, guys!

This morning began early as five of my friends and I headed down to Walter E. Long Park for the Austin Color Run. The Color Run is a Fun Run 5K where every kilometer color bombs are thrown at you as you run. We started out looking like this:

Sarah, Natalie, Katie and I before
and ended up looking like this:

Froomies! :)
It was SO much fun but those 17mph winds paired with a late start made us a little bit grumpy at the beginning. Hey, we're Texas girls at heart!

It was also a LITTLE bit muddy - whatever happened to that drought we were going through?
I sure hope those come clean!
Back at SRD, I attempted to get all of the color off of me - there is still a little bit that just won't come off! - and I plan on spending the entire afternoon laying in bed, doing homework, writing blog posts and watching Boy Meets World before the festivities begin tonight. I hurt my back a little bit during the race so I am hoping to lay low with a heating pad to make it feel better. Have a colorific Saturday!

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