Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Great Start

Happy FRIDAY! I am super excited about this Friday because it kicks off my birthday weekend! Technically yesterday kicked off my birthday weekend since I don't have class on Fridays but I still tried (and failed) to be somewhat productive in the way of school work because let's be real, I probably won't get too much done in the way of homework!

Today started early and hasn't really stopped since. But that's just the way I like it! I woke up at 6:30 to head out for my LAST long run before the Austin half in two weeks. I ran ten miles in 90% humidity, which was definitely a struggle towards the end as my shirt literally turned a different color due to the amount of sweat I produced. Gross, huh? But it feels good to have that last long run under my belt! Hello shorter runs for the next two weeks!
My running location of choice - Town Lake
After I showered and ate my usual yogurt breakfast, I headed over to Murchison - the school where I do Wyldlife - to volunteer for the Book Fair. I was in charge of working the cash register which was actually a lot of fun. It made me sad seeing kids buy more posters and little trinkets than books because I was the kid who dragged my mom to the book fair before school so she could buy me the stack of books that I wanted!

After leaving Murchison I headed over to Nordstrom to purchase the espadrilles that I have had my eye on for about a month or so now. I received a Nordstrom gift card a few weeks ago and since I was planning on buying these shoes anyway, it seemed like fate that I should put the gift card toward my new shoes.

These shoes are super comfortable and will be perfect for the travels that I have in my future (aka SPAIN! - I am just so excited!)

I returned to SRD and decided that because I am having mexican food tonight to just forgo the mexican food being served for lunch. I walked to Jamba Juice and indulged in one of my favorite drinks  - Strawberry Whirl. It was delicious and refreshing on this anything but cool afternoon.

Oldie but goodie!
Smoothies definitely don't hold me over for very long so I had a banana with peanut butter and yet I am still a little bit hungry! Luckily I am headed to campaigners for my seventh graders and they always have snacks for us to eat! :)

I can't believe this is my last Friday as a teenager! How am I going to celebrate? Dinner with some friends from high school and some Boy Meets World! Perfection!

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