Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Susan G. Komen

Happy Tuesday, everyone! One step closer to the weekend, right? Well, let's jump right in, because I have some exciting news regarding the Pretty Muddy Run in Dallas, that is taking place in only 24 short days (which also means that my brother graduates high school in 24 short days, crazy)!


Breakfast went as usual this morning, and I scrambled up some egg whites, sauteed some spinach, and topped it all with lemon pepper and salsa. I had a few handfuls of green grapes to go alongside the egg whites.


No more class means that my Tuesday and Thursday's are no longer jam-packed. This also meant that I got to take a 10:00am Body Pump class at the gym. You know how much I like my Wednesday spin instructor, and she is also the instructor of this particular Body Pump class, so I was glad to have the opportunity to take another class with her. It was a good one, and I really liked that she gave us the option to do inner-thing squats on the squat track. I have never thought to do that before, but now I will be sure to take advantage of it!

We also did this plank move called "Around the World," in that you start in plank position,

move one leg out to the side (and back), move the other leg out to the side (and back), move one arm out to the side (and back), and finally, move the other arm out to the side (and back). It is much harder than it sounds, so if you are looking for a move that will challenge your regular ab routine, you should give this one a shot.

After BodyPump, I headed over to Town Lake to take advantage of this absolutely beautiful weather we are having. I walked the three-mile loop, and now I am ready to tackle a day full of studying and preparing for my final exam.

Pretty Muddy Dallas

It's been a while since I have blogged about this race, but since it is quickly approaching, and there is some exciting news regarding the race, I figured a post was appropriate.

Many of you are probably familiar with The Susan G. Komen Foundation, a foundation dedicated to fighting breast cancer, and eventually working to end it. The foundation has made incredible contributions, and it is a cause near and dear to my heart, as I know many who have been impacted by breast cancer. And that is why I am so excited to announce that Susan G. Komen is the official charitable partner of the Pretty Muddy Dallas event!

Jennifer Legere, the executive director of Komen Dallas County, expresses her excitement over the partnership with Pretty Muddy: "We are thankful that Pretty Muddy is joining us in the fight against breast cancer to help ensure Dallas County residents have access to life-saving breast health services. Each year, we invest 75 percent of the net funds raised back into Dallas County to support breast cancer education, screening, treatment and support services for medically-underserved residents. The remaining 25 percent goes toward national research to find the cures." Pretty Muddy is just as excited about the partnership, and I would have to agree with that excitement. Who doesn't want to help contribute to a great cause while getting your exercise in for the day? It's guaranteed to be more fun than logging those miles on a treadmill!

So, if you haven't signed up yet, make sure to do it quickly! And if you are planning to road trip to Dallas from Houston, please let me know, I'd love a car buddy!

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