Thursday, May 2, 2013

C's Get Degrees

Though I may say these words sometimes, I don't actually mean them. Yes, when I was walking to my 11:00am class and heard someone say "Hey, C's get degrees" to her friend, I couldn't help but smile (and tweet it). This last week of classes is appropriately nicknamed "hell week," because professors have the tendency to cram all of their last tests, papers, and projects into this week, making for some very stressed out college students. Though I usually have a horrific last week of class, I got pretty lucky this semester. I only had one test on Tuesday, and one minuscule paper that is due tomorrow. I have one final exam next Friday, one final research paper that is quickly approaching 15 pages, and one take-home final exam that is in essay format. If all goes according to plan, I will officially be done with my junior year of college by noon on May 10th. A thought that both excites me and scares me.
I only have one more year at this place? Where has the time gone?

Due to this unpredictable Texas weather, my plan to swim after class was thwarted. Instead, I went to my professor's office hours, came home and worked on my research paper, and attended a 5:45pm spin class at the gym. It was tough. The class focused solely on speed work, and we did a lot of quick jumps - as in, one(ish) second sitting, one(ish) second standing, for 30 seconds straight. And we repeated that multiple times. He told us that we deserved to eat whatever we wanted to after that class, which was music to my ears because that is exactly what I did.

Dinner and Dessert

Tonight's dinner was a special one. I quickly showered and threw on some clothes and met my YoungLife team at Food Heads for our last dinner as a team. Three people are graduating, two of us are moving up to Anderson, and tonight was sort of our "send off dinner." I always laugh significantly harder when I am around my team, and tonight was no exception. Great food and even greater fellowship make for a great night.

I enjoyed the Spicy Apple Pork Tenderloin sandwich, and though the sandwiches there are pretty big, I ate every last bite. I was pretty hungry by the time my food came, and the food is just too good for me to pass up. After dinner, some of us made our way over to the Triangle for some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Planet.

I got a combination of chocolate (typical) and berry burst, topped with blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. It's been a while since I've had any fro-yo, so it was much needed. I enjoyed every second of hanging out with my team, and I am going to miss them so much next year. I can't believe how much joy they have brought me, and they have been such an incredible community. It was a great last supper!

And now I'm going to do something completely un-school related before I hit the books hard again tomorrow. Good night!

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