Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty Muddy Final Countdown

Good afternoon to my favorite readers! Is anyone else as surprised as I am that it is already Thursday? The fact that I came home to Houston on a Tuesday is what seems to be throwing me off. Today is my last day that won't involve a lot of driving, so I am trying to take full advantage of it. I woke up around 7:45am and whipped up my usual breakfast of scrambled egg whites and sauteed spinach, sitting at the kitchen table with my grandmother who arrived in town yesterday.

I then went on a walk around my neighborhood before coming home and doing some reading and relaxing, and I haven't moved very far from my spot on the couch since then. I do have plans to attend Felipe's 5:00pm Muscle Blast class at the MAC, which will probably kill me, because I haven't done any weight training since last week at this time. Oops!

Anyway, remember when I announced that I was going to be a blog ambassador for the Pretty Muddy race in Dallas? Well, that race day is quickly approaching. In fact, I head to Dallas tomorrow morning - well, I am technically driving to Austin to have lunch with a friend, and then driving to Dallas, but I'll be in Dallas by tomorrow early evening.

Though it's a lot of driving for such a short race, I am starting to get really excited. I have done one other mud race, and it was really muddy, so I will be sure to pack an old t-shirt that I don't mind parting with once the race is over. I am also planning on wearing my old pair of Asics, because it required a large effort to get the mud out of the shoes I wore during my last mud run. I don't have any big plans for my Asics, so, again, if I end up having to part with them, it won't be the end of the world.

I can't say much about my training regimen for this obstacle race, but I am hoping my regular works and triathlon training will have me covered. I think the obstacles I am most excited for are The Original Mud Slide, and Better Than a Dirty Martini.

There was a fun blogger get together this morning at the ranch where the race is taking place so that bloggers could test out some of the obstacles for the Fox 4 Good Day morning program. Unfortunately, I had to say no to that opportunity, because I am still in Houston, but I will be there soon enough! I absolutely can't wait to meet the other blog ambassadors!

I signed up for the 8:00am wave, mostly because I have to hightail it back to Houston for my brother's high school graduation. It will mean an early morning, but it also means that I will also get a first (and clean) look at all of the obstacles. I am very excited, and I will be back with a full review of the race sometime on Saturday (or more likely, Sunday). Daniel graduates on Saturday evening, so I will likely be busy from the time I get home from Dallas until the time I get home from graduation.
Throwback Thursday to my own graduation three years ago
And before I sign off, a happy 18th birthday to my sweet younger brother. Where has the time gone? Thanks for 18 years of endless fun, laughter, fights, one-on-one basketball games, driveway baseball, and so much more. You're one of a kind and I can't wait to see what the next 18 hold for you. Enjoy your special day!

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